The Applause Difference

Our Community

Our testing community, uTest, represents the largest team of vetted digital experts that get paid to deliver valuable and actionable feedback. We pioneered the space over a decade ago, resulting in the most knowledgeable, reliable and discreet team of testers in the world.

The uTest Difference

The #1 community of digital experience experts in the world.

Our testing community, uTest, is made up of more than 400,000 software experts, spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Every single tester is vetted, trained and certified to provide digital testing, user feedback and market insights into how your software works in the real world. From automation engineers to usability and accessibility experts, we have knowledgeable professionals with diverse expertise to match your unique testing needs.

What Makes uTest Unique

Applause delivers much more than basic user testing. We give you unparalleled project visibility and results from our community of vetted, profiled and rated members. On top of that, our dedicated community management team ensures the community is always growing, both in size and coverage as well as skills and engagement.


Full Device Coverage

From Android to iOS, Samsung to Sony, Smart TVs to Smart Thermostats … it’s in the community.


Global Reach

In-store, on the trails, or riding the subway, get in-context feedback from locals in any country.


Diverse Testers

By region, language, job title, or interest, your customers are diverse. So is our community.


Results, Fast

Run projects at any hour, any time of day, and see results in hours.

Vetted, Reliable, and Professional

High-quality testers, high-quality results.

We take the professionalism of our community very seriously. In order to be admitted into the Applause Tester Community, applicants are required to pass multiple courses in various disciplines.

In addition, all uTest community members agree via NDA that they cannot talk about Applause clients, their digital properties, or specific issues. For ultra-sensitive projects, our customers can also tap into select “VIP” members with multi-year track records as an additional safeguard.

When you use Applause and the uTest community, you can rest assured knowing that we have you and your company’s best interests in mind.