Our Testing Community

uTest is the foundation of the Applause Product Excellence Platform™. It is the world’s largest, most diverse community of digital experts – trained, poised and ready to form highly vetted, curated testing teams for fast and authentic results. uTest combines with our digital quality products and solutions to extend the capabilities of your internal teams so you can focus on what’s important – releasing exceptional products to your end users.

The uTest Difference is Clear

The World’s Leading Community of Digital Experts

uTest is the world’s largest community of vetted digital experts. Spanning 200 countries and territories, and every device/OS combination imaginable, testers are vetted, trained and certified to deliver authentic feedback and insights into how your apps and software work in real-world conditions. Our digital experts experience your products as your customers would – on real devices, in real locations, in real situations – in order to provide you with the most valuable and actionable results.

From automation engineers to user experience researchers and accessibility experts, uTest delivers the expertise you need to meet your specific testing needs. Unlike other testing methods, our community is available on demand – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

What Makes uTest Special

We provide way more than basic user testing. Our solutions delivery team fully manages the testing process – giving you unparalleled project visibility, insight and results – so you can test and release higher-quality software faster and more often. Our dedicated community management team is constantly growing uTest – in size, coverage, skills and expertise – to match the diverse and changing needs of your teams.

Full Device/OS Coverage

From Android to iOS, Samsung to Sony, Smart TVs to Smart Thermostats…our community can put your product through its paces.

Any Setting, Any Country

In-store, curbside, at home or riding the subway, our community provides in-context feedback and results, and includes testers in more than 200 countries and territories.

As Diverse As Real Customers

Our community is diverse because your target audience is diverse. That’s why we curate testers based on location, device, payment instrument, and other demographic and psychographic criteria.

Fast, 24/7 Results & Feedback

Stand up testing teams rapidly. Run projects in real time, at any hour, any time of the day, worldwide. Get results and feedback in hours, not weeks or months.

In the Language of Your Customers

Our community speaks the languages of your customers in order to accurately represent your target audiences and match their feedback and preferences.

Trusted and Secure
Professional and Confidential Processes for Secure Results

We take the professionalism of our uTest Community very seriously. Testers build skills through our Academy Program, which features increasingly demanding coursework, as well as through Centers of Excellence providing rigorous training in highly specialized areas such as accessibility, automation and payments testing.

All uTest members sign non-disclosure agreements, signaling their commitment to maintaining the privacy of a brand’s digital properties and businesses. For ultra-sensitive projects, brands can also choose to work with our highest-level VIP testers, who each have multi-year track records of testing with us.

When brands work with uTest, they can rest assured that we are protecting their best interests.

Fully Managed Testing Applause Handles All Aspects of Tester and Project Management

We shoulder the end-to-end testing management process so you don’t have to. Our client-facing and community-facing teams work directly with you to support your needs – from the initial onboarding process and test cycle kickoffs, through to collecting and triaging the results of tests, vetting them and validating that issues are fixed. Throughout the whole process, we work directly with you to speed up release velocity and improve product quality.

With Applause, you always know that you have the right testing team for your project. That’s because we take an AI/ML-driven approach to tester selection. Our AI/ML capabilities curate the best testing team for your project based on your requirements and our testers’ profiles. This curation process ensures that your testers match your ideal target audience demographics – in terms of age, location, language, device/OS and more.

Our community management work doesn’t stop after your team is curated – we handle all invites and incentives, onboarding, kickoff and triaging processes, as well as tester payments. Our community-facing team ensures you get the most from uTest by staying in constant communication with your curated teams, so that your testing results are delivered right away – quickly and efficiently. We take full responsibility of all community and test cycle management so that you can focus on what’s most important to your business – releasing bug-free and intuitive digital experiences that your end users will love.