Double-Down on Digital Quality

From sportsbook and casino operators to technology and payments vendors, ensure winning end-to-end experiences for all bettors in all markets.

Cover the Spread in Digital Quality

Build loyalty with frictionless, end-to-end online casino and sportsbook offerings

As more states and provinces legalize online gambling, expansion opportunities arise for operators. The user experience and regulations differ across regions and states — Applause provides the confidence that your product will work in the hands of your users and complies with regulatory requirements.

Our testers are in-market, which means we’re able to test new features, and at any border, to validate geo-location technology. Our testers use their own payment methods to perform real deposits and withdrawals for transaction verification — any bank, credit card or third-party provider, including PayNearMe, Play+, Nuvei, Venmo and Apple Pay.

Applause testing provides actionable insights into the real-world functionality and usability that you can’t gain elsewhere. Real-world testing gives operators and vendors the ability to validate actual customer experiences. Our resources help you be certain that you can deliver a truly exceptional mobile sportsbook and casino experience. Operators, technology providers and payment providers alike benefit from having our digital experts validate the actual end-user experience with real devices in real markets.

Don’t Gamble on Quality. Test with Applause

Online casinos and sportsbooks must always comply with regulations and build customer loyalty. Applause provides the holistic testing platform you need for online gambling excellence, enabling you to:

Enter new markets around the world
Geo-fence testing ensures users can place bets on your apps only in the appropriate regions
Offer payment methods your bettors prefer
Validate your bettors’ local payment instruments work for deposits and withdrawals
Release new features with confidence
Test in pre-production with real-world users to ensure a smooth experience without introducing regressions
Ensure the best CX to create long-term customers
Gain user feedback on the end-to-end customer journey

How Applause Helps Online Betting Companies Excel

Applause is positioned to validate sportsbook and casino experiences across a diverse range of use cases.

As an approved vendor in existing markets, we address customer needs across a variety of use cases, including:

  • State Launch Testing: Operators' entire business and product suite go live at the same time. We can test all products concurrently, such as sportsbook, casino and poker apps. When an operator releases in a new market, our in-market testers start immediately and continue all the way through the close of the release window, with issue details reported back in real time.
  • Border Testing: Regular testing along and across state borders provides certainty that operators maintain compliance with state regulations. Our testers travel to state borders to make deposits and place wagers, plus conduct negative testing, such as validating that players are prohibited in illegal markets.
  • Payment Testing: Often included in test cases that testers follow as an imperative part of the user journey. Testers identify their available payment methods for validation, which includes many types of credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets and funds transfer services.
  • New Feature Activation and Ad-Hoc Testing: Customers work with their Applause Delivery team to provide advance notice for new features. Leveraging our scale, operators offload many aspects of their feature testing and non-structured, ad-hoc tests, as well as rapid testing requests that customers cannot manage.
  • Gameplay Validation: Retail casino operators and tech providers lean on our insights into the in-casino experience. Our testers follow the onsite player experience, providing issues and feedback, including slot machine gameplay, sportsbook kiosk testing, digital marker/credit line generation and hardware payment/transaction validation.
"Applause helped us launch our products in Ontario, Canada’s largest province, by providing in-market testers to validate the player experience and payment methods. The team worked through the weekend and overnight on go-live to help us achieve our aggressive launch goals, giving us invaluable real-time feedback and insights."
Miranda Rais, Head of UAT, Entain/BetMGM

Are Traditional Testing Approaches Letting Your Bettors Down?

Let us show how we can extend your team’s capabilities and improve the quality of your online gambling experiences, from validating geo-fencing technologies to end-to-end customer journeys. Fill out this form and join thousands of Applause customers who’ve been able to:

  • Increase Release Velocity: Kick off testing at any time and see results in hours.
  • Increase Productivity: Access qualified testing teams to scale as needed.
  • Improve Quality: Uncover critical issues before they reach customers.