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Eight of the top 10 global media and entertainment companies rely on Applause to improve their digital assets and ensure reliable, high-quality experiences for every customer across any device. Deliver digital experiences that work flawlessly — every time, on any device, under all conditions.

Your Viewers Demand High-Quality Digital Experiences

Thoroughly test your websites and apps to deliver for your customers.

Streaming across multiple devices is table stakes now. Consumers are increasingly reliant on streaming media, and for the first time ever, in 2019 the percentage of consumers with at least one streaming video subscription eclipsed that of those with a traditional cable TV subscription.

Applause is positioned to help media companies transition to and maintain a digital-first experience, and ensure that customers have stellar end-to-end experiences across their many devices. Our testers validate that key features, such as account sync across devices and personalization, function properly, and show you where you can improve your user experience.

Benefits of Applause for Media & Entertainment Companies

Media & Entertainment companies require top-notch digital experiences for today’s viewers. With Applause, you can leverage our global community of vetted QA professionals to uncover the critical issues you care about, such as the ability to:

Ensure seamless viewing experiences

Validate that viewers don’t experience video or audio issues

Increase your device coverage

Test across multiple devices to match the average of 11 connected devices in a household

Deliver quality on any channel

Determine any issues with viewing quality and provide continuity from device to device

Expand with confidence

Test in local markets across the globe

Applause’s Vetted Testers Help Media Companies Find Flaws

Test in the real world to find critical bugs.

Media companies must ensure flawless experiences for customers. You can do this by testing in the real world, with real users, on real devices.

Applause provides a custom and diverse team of vetted and skilled testers that augment your internal QA efforts. Testers interact with your services under real-world conditions across the devices and locations that are relevant to you, and identify high-impact bugs before they reach your customers.

Our approach combines exploratory testing, to discover issues stemming from unexpected usage patterns and real-world conditions, with structured testing, to ensure core features work as intended. The size and diversity of our community allows you to test in any country, in any language and on any region-specific device to ensure all features are localized.

Fox Case Study

Learn how FOX cut its number of critical defects in half while reducing its release cycle time by 25% with automated testing from Applause.
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Are Traditional Testing Approaches Letting Your Viewers Down?

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