Manual Functional Testing

Manual structured and exploratory testing built for agile teams. Deliver digital experiences that work flawlessly — every time, on any device, under all conditions.

Deliver High-Quality Software, Faster

Unmatched scalability and coverage.

The need for functional testing hasn’t changed, but how it’s delivered certainly has. Traditional testing methods fall short of delivering comprehensive results at a pace that keeps up with development.

The only way to continuously ensure flawless experiences for your customers is to test in the real world, with real users, on real devices. Applause leverages the largest, most diverse community of vetted testers to create custom teams that augment your internal QA efforts. Testers interact with your software under real-world conditions across the devices and locations that are relevant to you, and identify high-impact bugs before they reach your customers.

Our approach combines exploratory testing, to discover issues stemming from unexpected usage patterns and real-world conditions, with structured testing, to ensure core features work as intended. The size and diversity of our community allows you to test in any country, in any language and on any region-specific device to ensure all features are localized.

Benefits of Applause Functional Testing

Leveraging our global community of vetted QA professionals, our testing approach uncovers the critical issues you care about and provides the details you need to tackle them. And it all happens at a rapid pace that matches your development cycle.

Real-World Testing

Testing with teams of qualified QA testers on real devices under real-world conditions.

Instant Scalability

Testers are available whenever and wherever you need them.

Unparalleled Coverage

Test in any region and on any device/OS combination around the world.

Actionable Results

Bug reports contain screenshots, videos and reproduction steps.

Real-Time, High-Impact Results

Improve quality and increase release velocity.

Applause provides a fully managed solution that includes a dedicated team who manages all aspects of testing to match your objectives and advises on testing best practices based on years of experience. We ramp up quickly with little effort required by your team and little disruption to your existing processes. Test cycles are kicked off quickly and results are available in real time to match the pace of your development cycle. Your results are filtered to ensure the issues you receive are unique and within the scope you provided. This allows your team to address issues quickly and efficiently, reducing the number of bugs released into production and improving the overall quality of your applications. The best part is that our solution easily integrates with your existing technology and processes to efficiently deliver results without additional overhead.

To truly maximize velocity and quality, manual crowdtesting should be leveraged alongside test automation to increase speed and reliability of repeatable tests. With Applause Integrated Functional Testing, your manual and automated testing approaches are combined into a cohesive solution with a single dashboard to view all results.

For fast-moving development teams, Applause In-Sprint Testing enables you to leverage Applause’s testing teams earlier in your SDLC as part of a shift-left approach. Before new feature branches are merged back into the master code, Applause In-Sprint Testing enables you to validate the feature’s functionality with a streamlined process built into your bug tracking system, and rapid turnaround ensures your sprint cycle never slows down.

Many organizations leverage internal teams — such as employees, friends, families and even customers — for internal testing. Applause’s Bring Your Own Testers feature enables organizations to do so easily and in ways that may not have been possible before. With Bring Your Own Testers, Applause’s team manages the setup, execution and delivery of results, which are available alongside findings from the Applause community, providing more holistic testing results.

Uber Case Study

Hear how Uber ensures a great experience for every customer by testing beyond “the happy path” in the real world across hundreds of cities across the globe.
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