Localization Testing

Delivering an optimized experience for customers around the world can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare. Testing for variables like language, culture and currency mandates comprehensive localization testing.

Local, In-Market Testing with Applause

Historically, companies have had a limited number of localization testing options to ensure their properties work globally. Approaches such as in-house linguists, translation tools, or outside consulting are cost-prohibitive, time consuming and lack context. Crowdtesting is the only way to test locally in-market at scale.

Applause helps global brands run complete localization testing of their products, verifying accuracy and context-correctness across:

  • Copy & Content, including Phone Numbers, Dates, and Special Characters
  • Payment Preferences and Processes as well as Currency Conversions
  • Cultural Nuances such as Button Location and Navigation Norms
  • Location Information like Postal Codes and Street Addresses
  • eCommerce Nuances such as Tax Calculation and Shipping Options

Gain the Localized Insight You’ve Been Missing

Unlike other types of testing, localization testing knowledge requires a specialized set of skills and localized expertise. This is why Applause uses only native speakers who live in-market for this type of work. For each project, testers are hand selected from virtually any market or region, to match your target demographics.

Our approach is multifaceted and customized for your specific needs. With translation validation, testers will verify any website, application, or product is translated correctly. With full L10N testing, testers review your properties for context and accuracy across static content, special characters, and other areas of the localization process. In both cases, you'll receive comprehensive feedback with details on how to improve the experience for global customers.

Whether you're translating a product or application, looking for validation of existing apps or expanding into a new market, Applause localization testing ensures every customer will have the same great experience.

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“We wanted to test across every possible angle, which is impossible if you’re relying solely on your in-house team. We needed exposure in areas like South America and China, and uTest enabled us to achieve this with relative ease.”