Integrated Functional Testing

Applause Integrated Functional Testing combines both manual and automated testing into one cohesive solution to maximize coverage and speed. Results and reporting are aggregated into a single dashboard for a holistic view of quality.

Accelerate Development Velocity While Improving Quality

Maximize coverage and speed with a cohesive testing solution.

To test your complete digital experience at speed and scale, it is essential to leverage both manual and automated testing. However, when manual and automated testing are not approached as a coordinated solution, it can result in redundancy and a failure to maximize test coverage. With Applause’s Integrated Functional Testing solution, your manual and automated testing are integrated into one cohesive solution to accelerate development velocity and improve digital quality. Our combined approach allows you to capture a true real-world perspective from manual testing by leveraging our global community, while capitalizing on the speed and reliability of test automation. You’ll have a dedicated team of experts that will help design your test strategy to maximize results. As part of our integrated approach, automation failures are immediately validated by our community and we continually assess which manual tests should be transitioned to automation.

Benefits of Applause Integrated Functional Testing

Our solution offers many benefits to help you accelerate development velocity and improve digital quality.

Cohesive Strategy

Combined manual and automated testing maximize speed and coverage.

Holistic View Quality

Results and reporting aggregated into a single dashboard.

Seamless Integration

Integration with your CI/CD pipeline enables continuous feedback.

Fully Managed Service

We provide the expertise, technology and resources so you don’t have to.

Attain a Holistic View of Quality
View integrated results in a single dashboard.

When manual and automated approaches are siloed, it can lead to fragmented results and added time to work between systems. With Applause Integrated Functional Testing, your manual and automated results and reporting are combined into a single dashboard so you have one trusted view of quality. This helps streamline your workflows, and provides significant cost and efficiency savings by eliminating the need for multiple systems. It also provides greater visibility into your results, giving you an understanding of the overall health of a specific product, feature or functionality at any point in time.

Is Your Existing Testing Approach Meeting Your Speed and Quality Goals?

Let’s discuss how you can integrate manual and automated testing to maximize coverage and speed. Simply fill out the form below, and join thousands of Applause customers who’ve been able to:

  • Accelerate Development Velocity: Increase testing speed to get to market faster.
  • Improve Digital Quality: Uncover issues before they reach your customers.
  • Streamline Workflows: Eliminate the burdens of working between separate systems to view results.