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Applause helps retail and ecommerce brands achieve the simple and frictionless omnichannel experience that customers expect.


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eBay supports 167 million active buyers and facilitates the sale of over $79 billion dollars worth of merchandise every year. When an online marketplace achieves this type of scale, it’s diffcult to beta test with an audience that is truly representative of the diverse community of people buying and selling. Even when it can, protecting the IP in its pre-production software becomes another barrier that must be overcome. eBay knocked down these barriers with the Applause beta management platform and established a beta testing program that includes:

  • Invitations sent to 1,000 targeted participants
  • Regular feedback from 6,500 participants
  • Managed NDA distributions before every test
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Shutterfly’s mobile apps and website enable customers across the globe to design and purchase lasting keepsakes like photo books, stationery and custom-printed mugs. The extended level customization that it offers created a need for manual testing that was outpacing any retailer’s internal capabilities. By leveraging the scale of the Applause community, Shutterfly increased the level of confidence it puts behind each release.

  • Covered over 350 mobile devices
  • Tested across 30 different countries
  • Easily increased the scale of testing around holidays like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day
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The Container Store

The Container Store

The Container Store believes it website and mobile apps should reflect the neatness and seamless organization that it enables thousands of customers to accomplish every day. In order to gain a qualified and objective perspective on both the quality and intuitiveness of its digital experience, The Container Store tapped into the wide breadth of devices and usability expertise within the Applause community.

  • Covered over 150 mobile device and 90 desktop combinations
  • Tested across 40 different US states
  • Consulted video reviews created by testers navigating its apps during design ideation
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Blueport Commerce

Blueport Commerce is the leading eCommerce platform for furniture across the US and is relied on by customers for both research before visiting stores and direct purchases. As the number of different devices, tablets, browsers, and operating systems that customers were using to shop increased, Blueport was able to keep up by partnering with Applause and receiving:

  • Unlimited manual exploratory testing
  • Access to 2,400,000 unique device combinations
  • A project manager that operates as an extension of the Blueport team
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