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When shoppers visit your website or app, you can’t afford for them to leave before they complete their purchase.

Detect real-world issues before your users do by testing with real people, in real locations, on real devices, then monitoring what your actual customers are saying about your digital experience post-launch.

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Retail & eCommerce Challenges

While other industries might lose users because of a faulty app, retailers stand to lose real money and repeat customers if your website or app isn’t up to par. But the path to creating a successful digital experience includes many challenges, including:

  • In-store apps
  • Mobile checkout
  • Mass audience appeal
  • Pinpoint user drop-off
  • Peak load support

If you’re developing an eCommerce website or app for retail, odds are you’ve come across a few of these challenges. Don’t let these roadblocks and other difficulties stand in the way of an experience that delights your users, drives business and keeps your shoppers coming back.


Mastering Retail App Testing

Learn the unique challenges and opportunities with launching winning retail apps

How Applause Helps

Professional Testers, Real Shoppers

With in-the-wild testing services, we turn to real shoppers who happen to be part of our global community of professional testers.

Full Demographic Coverage

Is your application intuitive to habitual online shoppers and new comers? Want testers well versed in fashion, food, finance or fitness? We can give you access to testers with all levels of experience and interests.

On-Site & In-Store Testing

Want to make sure your store locator feature is working in major cities and rural counties? Need testers to spend time shopping with your app in actual stores around the country - or the world? We have you covered.

Meet Specific Demands

Finding professional testers who are members of your club or have your exclusive card can be tricky, but it's incredibly important to thorough testing. We have a successful track record of recruiting testers to meet specific requirements.


What It Costs

In-the-wild digital testing is more affordable than you may think. Find out how Applause fits into your budget with our interactive pricing tools.

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"Applause has allowed us to increase testing coverage and find more bugs, while decreasing the amount of manpower, time and money spent on testing."