Your content needs to quickly stream and load to keep users engaged and beat your competition. Applause can help make sure your apps stand up to real-world conditions and serve perfectly every time.


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Dailymotion’s international video platform services viewers in dozens of countries speaking dozens of different languages that are using a countless variety of unique device and operating system combinations. By leveraging testers across globe in the Applause community, Dailymotion covers all fragmentation and provides a high-quality viewing experience to all viewers, regardless of device or location.

  • Covered 600 unique mobile device combination
  • Tested across 75 different countries
  • Executed Usability studies to ensure an intuitive viewing experience



FOX delivers digital entertainment to millions of viewers across the globe at all hours of the day. With a seemingly limitless amount of content across the internet to compete with, FOX partnered with Applause to extend its testing reach farther and release updated builds faster. The result was a reduction in issues reaching production and an increase in repeat viewership.

  • Reduction in P0 (Showstopper) and P1 (Critical) defects by 50%
  • Increased speed of QA, UAT, and regression testing by 25%
  • Increased amount of time viewers spent on app
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Dow Jones


Millions of people across the globe rely on Dow Jones every day. With a list of brands that includes The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch, and Financial News, it is vital that Dow Jones delivers content that is consistently reliable and easy-to-access. It is able to ensure that its readers get the same excellent experience across all of its digital properties by extending its QA reach through the Applause community.

  • Extended testing into weekends and holiday periods
  • Uncovered critical issues within subscription process
  • Improved app store ratings and minimized negative feedback