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With a seemingly limitless amount of content for viewers to consume online at any time, your website, mobile apps and connected devices need to work everywhere. With Applause, our global community of professional testers can help make sure your application stands up to a wide range of real-world conditions - especially the less than perfect ones - to keep your viewers engaged.

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Media & Entertainment Challenges

People have high expectations for their online entertainment experience - and little patience when something goes wrong. An extra long buffer, underserved bitrate or missing images can ruin an entertainment experience. That's why the most successful media and entertainment companies understand how to:

  • Provide a high quality experience across websites, mobile apps, connected devices and more
  • Ensure content and videos load quickly and correctly
  • Present a consistent presence across web, mobile and IoT
  • Deal with less-than-ideal connectivity

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How Applause Helps

Device Coverage

Don’t lose readers, miss out on having a viral video or flub a cool promo because your website, mobile app or connected device doesn’t work well as intended. The Applause global community of testers has access to millions of device and OS combinations, and can provide a range of testing services to ensure your users have the experience they want, every time.

Custom Testing Teams

With more than 250,000 professional testers, Applause has extensive experience and knowledge around testing media sites and mobile apps.

Global Reach

Media is a global industry and your consumers are spread around the world. If you want to keep them delighted, your website, mobile app or connected device needs to work everywhere your consumers are. In-the-wild testing with Applause is available around the world, giving you unmatched device coverage with unparalleled reach.

Expert Usability Feedback

Gain actionable feedback from real users and UX experts at all stages of the development lifecycle and make decisions based on real-world usability standards. Ensure your applications are intuitive, match your users' expectations and follow accessibility guidelines, anywhere and for everyone.

Find Out What It Costs

Getting started with Applause is easier and more affordable than you might expect. Check out how Applause’s in-the-wild testing solutions can extend your team, fit into your budget and save you time and money.

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"It’s important for us to have a presence on new mobile platforms from day one. With Applause, we’re able to start testing all over the world almost immediately."

- Tim Carlson,
Director of Mobile Product Development and Operations, USA Today

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