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Few industries are experiencing as fast a growth as the healthcare and fitness industry. From fitness trackers to easily accessible medical records portals, the world of healthcare and fitness is moving to digital experiences quickly.

While quality is important no matter what industry you're in, it's absolutely vital in health and fitness. Your website, mobile app or wearable has to perform well, must be easy to use and protect your customers' information. With Applause, our global community of professional testers can help make sure that your customers have the best possible digital experience with your brand.

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Health & Fitness Challenges

Whether you’re creating a website that connects patients and caregivers to doctors or a mobile app and wearable that helps users track their diet and exercise, there is little room for error when it comes to health and fitness. In this industry, it's important to not get tripped up by challenges like:

  • Security and authenticity need to be airtight for PII, PHI and HIPAA compliance
  • Ensuring your website, mobile app or connected device is usable for your target audience
  • Geolocation needs to be spot-on for fitness tracking apps
  • Pulling correct information from medicines to calorie counts
  • Testing with poor connectivity to simulate real-world use cases

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How Applause Helps

Real-World Testing

The beauty of a health and fitness app is that users can now take this information with them wherever they go. Applause provides the tools and services you need to ensure your website, mobile app or connected device works well in a variety of situations by moving a portion of your testing outside of the lab and into the wild.

Diverse Form Factors

The health and fitness industry is increasingly embracing emerging technology, especially wearables. Extending a high level of quality to these new form factors can be challenging, but Applause is already working with dozens of companies creating innovative hardware and mobile apps.

Extended Coverage

For a health and fitness digital experience to be widely adopted, it needs to work on and across a variety of devices. The Applause global community supplies you with access to a range of users, devices, networks, locations, OSs and circumstances to fit your specific needs.

Access To Experts

Creating a high quality, secure and usable digital experience isn't easy. Applause has a network of experts to help with everything from security and usability to test case authorship and test results analysis, letting you launch with confidence.

Find Out What It Costs

Getting started with Applause is easier and more affordable than you might expect. Check out how Applause’s in-the-wild testing solutions can extend your team, fit into your budget and save you time and money.

Estimate Pricing

If we would have launched without the Applause QA, we would probably have ruined our business. We would have destroyed our chance of a first good impression. We would have had to increase our customer support team in order to handle the calls of unsatisfied customers."

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