In-Store and On-Location Testing

Real world, human insights. Not just more data.

Why Is In-Store Testing Important?

From social media, search engines, apps and websites to IoT and physical stores - each customer’s path to purchase can vary tremendously. As customers navigate through various channels, they demand a cohesive omni-channel experience. Each digital and physical touchpoint where a customer interacts with your brands must work in harmony to drive conversion and promote customer satisfaction. A customer’s in-store experience will have a direct impact on revenue and customer loyalty. Gathering feedback from your customers about their experience at your physical locations, is the only way to get a holistic view of your customer’s journey. Therefore, it is critical to extend your testing efforts into your physical locations.

In-store testing helps you answer difficult questions such as:

  • Does the design of your physical stores match your digital platform and customer expectations?

  • How does the behaviors of employees impact your customer’s experience?

  • Are your in-store promotions and signage effective?

In-store testing poses a challenge, as brands may have stores located around the globe with the appearance and operations at each store varying drastically. Each customer who visits your store will have a unique and unpredictable experience. Testing with real people in real situations is the most effective approach to test your in-store experience.

Benefits of In-Store Testing with Applause

Applause’s in-store and on-location testing solutions provide a holistic view of your customer’s end-to-end customer journey across their interactions with digital platforms to physical stores. By leveraging our global community of more than one million digital experts, Applause provides the scale and flexibility needed to gather actionable and comprehensive feedback.

With Applause in-store testing you can:

  • Test in Target Markets: Applause gives you access to a global community testers in specific locations. Create test groups that mirror your target customers to receive insightful results in any country.

  • Validate Payment Processes: Leverage test case execution during the checkout process with real market-specific payment instruments like credit cards, mobile wallets or your own in-app payment option.

  • Test Loyalty and Rewards Programs: Utilize existing customers in the Applause community that already have accounts with your brand to test the delivery and effectiveness of your rewards program.

Applause sends real people along your customer journeys and asks questions that you wish your everyday customers could answer. You’ll receive actionable quantitative and qualitative feedback that goes beyond the data to help uncover “the why.” Applause provides the insights you need to optimize the end-to-end customer journey.

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