The Applause Difference

How it Works

By handling all aspects of test management and community interaction, Applause delivers maximum value to your team while adding virtually no overhead. Our fully managed approach allows us to become an extension of your teams, processes, and technologies.

The Applause Solution Delivery Team

Dedicated leaders to manage all aspects of your project.

When you partner with Applause, you get a dedicated team that is committed to developing a deep understanding of your SDLC and becoming an extension of your internal team. You’ll know each Applause team member by name, and they’re always only a phone call, email, or Slack message away.

As your main point of contact, your Solution Delivery Manager is tasked with making sure you’re utilizing Applause to its fullest. He/she will help coordinate testing and provide ongoing feedback, suggestions and testing best practices.

During testing, your Test Team Lead – a senior member of our community with a proven track record and high ratings – will triage and review all community submissions. This ensures every issue you see contains all required information, is never duplicative, and is always within scope and relevant to you.

Meet uTest, Our Global Testing Community

Vetted and reliable digital experts.

While a global community of digital professionals, Applause selects a custom team of vetted in-market testers for each project, that is always determined by your requirements. Team members can be selected by attributes like devices owned, languages, locations, demographics, or even hobbies and skills. Doing so provides limitless opportunities to test with people that look and act exactly like your customers. If your application has a steep learning curve, you can keep the same team members from project-to-project. Or, if you want a fresh perspective, we’ll bring in a new set of eyes every time.

Testers are paid for each bug or submission they make and you approve, all at no variable cost to you. Plus, they make more money for submissions you approve as highly valuable, therefore encouraging a focus on the types of issues that matter to you.

SaaS Platform

Connecting people and software at scale.

The Applause Platform provides a seamless interface for all facets of crowdtesting including communication, collaboration, test case execution, bug reporting, SDLC integration, payment processing and reporting. Our cohesive blend of services and software allows Applause to deliver impactful, detailed, and easily consumable results to your team.

With the Applause Platform, you have direct control and full visibility of all active and completed projects: setup and execute tests, view real-time results, communicate with testers and participants, analyze results, export data, and more.

“Leo is our Project Lead and he is super awesome – we have a weekly call with him. The great thing about Applause is that they are very responsive. If I want to talk to Leo twice a day, I talk to Leo twice a day. If I want to talk to Leo once a week, I talk to Leo once a week.”