The Exceptional Care Your Patients and Providers Expect

Ensure your digital healthcare touchpoints can provide meaningful experiences for all of your consumers

It’s time to make digital healthcare work for all consumers

Deliver telehealth, mHealth and digital experiences that work for consumers at every level of healthcare — everywhere, every time, under all conditions.

The consumerization of healthcare is here to stay. Patients and providers are consumers now, and they expect their digital care experiences to be on par with their bank or favorite retailer. But the fact is, when healthcare providers rely solely on in-house testing resources, they can’t ensure digital experiences that are even average, let only exceptional.

Whether you’re engaging with patients via telehealth, pointing them to a mobile app, or leveraging voice technology in a hospital room, your goal is the same. You need to deliver seamless, accessible, secure, private and intuitive digital experiences that promote wellness and work anywhere and everywhere. Applause provides you with the resources you need to finally validate that you are truly delivering an exceptional healthcare experience that puts your patients and providers first.

Achieve a Higher Level of Digital Care

Healthcare companies require top-notch digital experiences for today’s healthcare consumer. Applause provides a community-based testing approach coupled with an enterprise-class platform, enabling you to:

Ensure digital experiences work in the real world
Test in realistic user environments, including rural areas with poor WiFi
Provide inclusive care for all
Provide accessible experiences with insights from expert-led assessments against WCAG, inclusive design studies
Test beyond the lab
Validate connected devices and apps for functionality, performance and security with testers working in real conditions

Deliver Preventative, Accessible Care with Digital Quality

A patient-first mentality requires putting the patient at the center of your digital testing

Digital health experiences can be a key part of preventative healthcare — but only if patients believe it works and meets their needs. If you want patients to embrace telehealth, you need to make sure it works securely every time they engage in telehealth, whether it’s from their home, car or elsewhere. That requires testing in the real world, with real users, on real devices.

As part of our proven approach, Applause builds diverse custom teams of skilled, independent testers that interact with your services under real-world conditions. Teams test in the locations you care about, and identify high-impact bugs and critical accessibility issues — before they reach your patients.

Our approach combines exploratory testing, to discover issues stemming from unexpected usage patterns and real-world conditions, with structured testing, to ensure core features work as intended. The size and diversity of our community enables you to test in any location, in any language and on any region-specific device to ensure all features are localized. We can also validate that your experiences are fully accessible for elderly patients and people with disabilities.

Banner Health Case Study

Learn how Applause helps Banner Health better understand the digital healthcare needs of its patients and providers and identify unexpected issues.
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