When it comes to tracking health data or providing exceptional healthcare services, industry leaders turn to Applause to ensure their experiences are accurate, secure, and easy to use. Deliver telehealth, mHealth and digital experiences that work exactly as expected — every time, on any device, under all conditions.

Your Patients Demand Easy Digital Interactions

Make sure your websites and apps live up to expectations.

Statista predicts that the digital health market will grow to nearly 6 times its current size by 2026. Is your organization ready? Rapid shifts to online delivery models for many consultations and transactions has put healthcare providers under pressure to accelerate digital transformation -- and many struggle to ensure adequate experiences with in-house quality resources alone.

Whether you’re tracking health data, booking appointments online, or educating patients via a mobile app, you need to deliver seamless digital experiences. Our testers validate that key features work properly and show where you can improve the user experience.

Benefits of Applause for Healthcare Companies

Healthcare companies require top-notch digital experiences for today’s patients and users. With Applause, you can leverage our global community of vetted QA professionals to uncover the critical issues you care about, such as the ability to:

Ensure seamless digital experiences

Create intuitive, easy-to-use patient connections

Enable easy access across devices

Test across multiple devices to ensure all your customers can access their health data

Improve the speed and scale of testing

Scale your testing to match seasonal fluctuations

Expand with confidence

Test in local markets around the globe

Applause’s Expert Testers Remove Barriers for Healthcare Companies

Test in the real world to find critical bugs.

Healthcare organizations must ensure seamless experiences for the people they serve. You can do this by testing in the real world, with real users, on real devices.

Applause provides a custom and diverse team of vetted and skilled testers that augment your internal QA efforts. Testers interact with your services under real-world conditions across the devices and locations that are relevant to you, and identify high-impact bugs before they reach your patients.

Our approach combines exploratory testing, to discover issues stemming from unexpected usage patterns and real-world conditions, with structured testing, to ensure core features work as intended. The size and diversity of our community allows you to test in any country, in any language and on any region-specific device to ensure all features are localized. We can also validate that your experiences are fully accessible.

Dignity Health Case Study

See how Applause integrates into the Dignity Health team and helps the healthcare company speed release velocity and improve test coverage.
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Do Your Digital Experiences Need a Check-Up?

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  • Increase Productivity: Access qualified testing teams to scale as needed.
  • Improve Quality: Uncover critical issues before they reach your users.
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