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Functional Testing

Structured and exploratory testing built for agile teams. Ensure your digital properties work every time, everywhere, for every customer.

Deliver Higher Quality Software, Faster

Unmatched scalability and coverage.

The need for functional testing hasn’t changed, but how it’s delivered certainly has. Traditional approaches are too often held up by inconsistencies in platforms, devices and customer use cases. The result is an increased risk of escaped issues.

The Applause crowdtesting approach fills the gaps of traditional functional testing methods. Applause assembles custom teams of 100% vetted QA professionals anywhere in the world to test every relevant device/OS combination under the real world conditions your customers face.

Our functional testing combines structured test case execution and exploratory testing, customized to fit your testing needs. Since we have ample coverage around the world, you can test in any country, in any language, and on any region-specific device through localization testing. The best part is that all tests are performed at the speed and scale needed to release high quality software on time, every time.

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Benefits of Applause Functional Testing

Leveraging a global community of vetted QA professionals, our structured and exploratory testing uncovers the critical issues you care about and the details you need to tackle them. And it all happens in a fraction of the time it takes other approaches.


Test Faster

See results in minutes and hours, not days and weeks.


Test More Often

24/7 unlimited exploratory testing, every day of the year.


Better Coverage

Test any device/OS combination anywhere in the world


Better Results

Our testers think and act like customers, and report issues like seasoned QA experts.

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Real Results, Real Fast

Verified and actionable feedback.

Extending device coverage, testing in more regions, and covering any customer use case has never been easier. In fact, tests can be kicked off with a few clicks in our SaaS platform, or by quickly sending a Slack message with the test scope to your Applause Solution Delivery Manager. The best part is that our team becomes an extension of your team and processes so we can efficiently deliver results while eliminating your day-to-day overhead.

We work tirelessly to deliver “no-noise” results. All tester bug submissions are verified, replicated, and triaged by Applause Test Team Leads. And because it’s much easier for your team if we’re integrated into your workflows, our bug reports are automatically exported to your BTS, and manual testing can even be initiated by failed automation tests.

Are Traditional Testing Approaches Letting You Down?

Let us show you how we can extend your team’s capabilities and take the unpredictability out of the QA process. Simply fill out the form below, and join thousands of Applause customers who’ve been able to:

  • Increase Productivity: Internal teams are focused on high-value initiatives.
  • Release Faster: The feedback loop is shorted between development and QA.
  • Launch with Confidence: Critical issues are uncovered before ever getting to the customer.

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