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The top three major banks in North America rely on Applause to improve their omnichannel experience and validate global transactions. Check out our finance-focused resources below and learn how we do it.

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Case Study
Radius Bank

Radius Bank is intent on developing a community banking experience. With the frequency and speed at which they want to innovate, ensuring customer security is priority number one.


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3 Ways Banks Can Cash in with Crowdtesting

Banks must deliver a seamless digital experience to compete in today's ecosystem. See how they can accomplish this.

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Driving ROI in Banking: Get Closer to Your Customer with Crowdtesting

Discover how retail banks can drive massive ROI with Applause's crowdsourced QA services.

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Western Union Resource Video
Case Study
Western Union

Discover how Western Union digitized their global payments network with the help of Applause's worldwide community.

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How Digitization Can Remove Friction From The Insurance Experience

Before rushing into a solution, insurance organizations must build a solid foundation for their digitization strategy and programs.

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5 Ways To Remove Friction From Your Omnichannel Banking

Banks that want to gain and retain loyal customers must make it easier to bank with them.

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Customer Listening Resource Webinar
The Power Of Customer Listening With Citi

Learn how Citi turns active listening into meaningful business results.

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