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Escape the limitations of basic user testing. User Feedback gives you usability feedback powered by a community of software experts who give you actionable insights about how your software works in the real world.

With User Feedback, make sure every experience they have with your brand is seamless, easy, and intuitive.


Reduce Risk


Reduce risk by verifying experience innovations before launch

Early Feedback


Gain early feedback before making further investments

More Conversions


Improve customer engagement and conversions

Any Demographic


Ensure experiences are inclusive to all potential customers



Build experiences customers love

Customers return to apps that are intuitive and easy-to-use. Applause expert-led usability studies help you improve customer engagement and conversions with actionable feedback - from real people that match your customer demographics.

  • Applause Usability Researcher creates custom surveys and scope based on your objectives
  • Any study type - from remote unmoderated, to longitudinal, to expert reviews
  • Any phase of development - from prototypes, wireframes, to completed products
  • Hear from participants with narrated screen captures
  • Detailed findings report including benchmarking, participant comments, and recommendations
  • Debrief call with Applause Usability Researcher
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Usability testing is very important for us, especially on new programs when we need quick feedback from particular target demographics. The feedback we get can be within a few hours or last for weeks depending on the project. Applause is a partner that helps me increase my confidence when I launch any digital product."

FRED BERINGER VP of Customer Experience at Shutterfly


Offer the same great experience to customers with disabilities

Poor or nonexistent digital accessibility has led to a number of lawsuits. Applause expert-led assessments provide a human perspective to this code-driven problem, helping you reduce the risk of litigation while also reaching a broader audience.

  • Applause Accessibility Expert and test team use recognized assistive technologies, not just automated code scanners
  • Tested against regulations and established guidelines like Section 508, WCAG 2.0, and UAAG 2.0
  • Issues automatically exported to your bug tracking system
  • Bug fix verification to confirm accessibility after changes are made
  • Assessment report with detailed pass/fail information and remediation recommendations
  • Training to incorporate accessible design into your SDLC
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Get user feedback on any experience at any time

Building great customer experiences requires constant feedback and validation from real customers. Applause Customer Journeys allows agile teams to read, watch, and listen to user reactions on any app or real world omnichannel experience - with every sprint.

  • Get feedback on anything – prototypes, apps, marketing materials, IoT devices, in-store experiences
  • Create tasks and questions, define your participant requirements, and view realtime results and reporting through the Applause Platform
  • Applause Community participants live where your customers live and go where your customers go – any country and into physical locations
  • Invite your own participants – employees, customer lists, friends and family
  • Applause UX expert provides guidance on task/question creation and helps analyze results

Applause made it easier to recruit large volumes of people, distribute builds to those people, and ultimately collect large volumes of feedback."

Kenric Russell Manager of Mobile Beta Programs at eBay