Exploratory Testing

Don't let your customers test for you. Use human insight and intelligence to discover the bugs that escape scripted testing.

Uncover High-Impact Issues in Real-World Use Cases

No matter how well your team codes, or how many test cases they write, when code is released into the wild, invariably a customer will use it in a way you did not expect them to.

With Applause's exploratory testing, our community will discover critical bugs that can only be found through real human interaction with your software. Plus, we'll find those bugs during the release cycle so that your developers can fix the bug before release and you can deliver higher quality code to production the first time.

Leveraging our global community of vetted software experts, you can run exploratory tests on any device, any platform, in any country and with any demographic. Exploratory testing with Applause is easy and actionable. Our professional services team will send your build to targeted Applause testers and deliver to you qualified and prioritized testing results including screenshots, explanations of when/where the bug occurred, and anything else your development team will need to quickly find the bug and fix it.

Unmatched Flexibility and Coverage

Leading brands who partner with Applause for exploratory testing are able to:

  • Release High Quality Code the First Time: Stop crossing your fingers when code is pushed live. Release confidently that your app is functional and engaging for all targeted customers.
  • Increase Developer Velocity: Avoid pulling developers off revenue-generating feature development to write a myriad of test case scripts or fix bugs in production. Let the Applause community digital professionals find bugs for you while your team focuses on more valuable activities.
  • Deliver Higher Quality Customer Experiences: Minimizing the number of bugs your customers encounter to drive better engagement - and ultimately higher revenue.
  • Access Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere: You tell us the who, what, where, and when of the testing scope and we'll assemble your perfect team of testers. Whether you want to test with US IOS device owners or an academic mobile app with young females in Poland, Applause will craft the test cycle that provides the most value for your engineering team.
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“We find lots of things that we would never have been able to find in our limited lab situation. The diversity, creativity and inventiveness that Applause testers bring to test cycles uncovers some really interesting issues.”