How We Help Engineering Teams

Improve test coverage and release velocity while minimizing costs.

Find Issues Early and Increase Release Velocity

Source testers in real time to meet your needs.

Workloads can be unpredictable for engineering teams, making it difficult to correctly staff for changing business needs. Applause can help you increase the bandwidth, productivity and speed of your existing teams by providing proven testers as needed in real time. This allows you to scale up or down to reduce your backlog and match shifting testing volume.

Applause integrates with your Agile and CI/CD processes and existing systems to make testing seamless. This helps you shift left and drive testing earlier and more often throughout the SDLC. By uncovering high-quality defects in real time, Applause enables your team to make changes quickly, and gives you the time and flexibility needed to release quality software at a faster pace. With Applause’s crowdtesting approach, you can ensure you meet deadlines and increase the velocity of releases.

Benefits of Applause for Engineering Teams

Applause delivers real-time, high-quality defects directly into your bug tracking system in order to find issues earlier in the SDLC and increase release velocity. Our clients, on average, see:

Fewer Bugs in Production

50% reduction in defects released into production.

Increased Release Velocity

150% increase in number of releases per year.

Fewer Critical Fixes

50% reduction in critical fixes needed.

Increased Efficiency

200% increase in capacity of internal teams.

Broader Test Coverage for Fewer Escaped Defects

Continuously release higher-quality software.

With engineering budgets remaining flat or decreasing, but the amount of work consistently increasing, teams need more resources to get the work done while keeping costs low. Applause can help scale your test coverage while minimizing management overhead and costs. That’s because Applause provides continuous manual and automated testing, freeing up developers’ time while ensuring high-quality software.

Applause gives you access to curated teams of hard-to-find talent anywhere in the world to increase device and location coverage, leading to fewer defects in production and less time spent on hot fixes. With a follow-the-sun model, you can source vetted testers instantly to free up your development team’s time, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Dow Jones Case Study

Discover how Dow Jones partners with Applause to uncover critical bugs, increase release velocity and provide an improved customer experience.
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Improve the Speed and Quality of Your Releases

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