Our Solutions

Applause provides a wide range of digital quality solutions – from functional testing to specialized engagements.

Quality encompasses many things. Test for all of them.

Make sure every digital interaction works as intended, every time.

Applause helps brands like you capture and keep more customers, by focusing on digital interactions – your front door today and most important touchpoint – as the vast majority of customers will decide to stay or leave based on only one less-than-ideal digital experience. We can test and assess the quality of digital assets and experiences from the perspective and vantage point of your target customers – in every possible condition, including country, local language and device configuration, as well as through the lens of a slew of demographic and psychographic data points. No other company can provide such a rich trove of mission-critical insight and learning, to ensure that your digital assets are performing to expectations and your customers are having the intended digital experiences.

We enable the testing and digital quality process with the Applause Platform, which was built from the start with the speed, scale, security and enterprise-class performance and interoperability you expect. Our platform also drives the community processes of tester engagement and payments, and is the foundation on which we deliver a slew of solutions and features that you can deploy as needed. From functional to specialized testing solutions, from full stack automation testing to test case management features, it’s all there.

Functional Testing

Manual and Automated Testing for Complete Coverage

“Does this work for me?” That’s the first question your customers will ask, and rightly so. Even a perfect UI design means nothing if your users don’t have the digital experience they expect and you intend.

Launching a digital experience that works every time requires stringent testing to ensure that critical bugs do not reach your customers. That’s why Applause offers a full suite of functional testing services that not only reduce issues in your software, but also help you move faster to meet deadlines and release digital experiences on time and on target, with higher quality.

Our functional testing services include both manual structured – to ensure your customers can use the digital asset as intended – and exploratory testing – to find and fix critical errors when users behave in ways you can’t anticipate. And this is all done on real devices, in real locations and scenarios, by real users.

A balanced testing strategy is critical for every company – automation won’t work for every situation, including those with complex user flows. Likewise, manual testing can be too resource-intensive for simple regressions and less-complex use cases. That’s why we offer Integrated Functional Testing – a solution that no one else in the market delivers, which combines both manual and automated testing into one cohesive solution to ensure that your release decisions are faster, more accurate and made with greater confidence.

Specialized Solutions

Ensure a Seamless Digital Experience Across All Customer Touchpoints and Interactions

Technology and digital assets are ingrained in all aspects of everyday life – from ordering food and hailing a ride, to checking bank statements and even visiting the doctor. Modern consumers are discerning; they know what a truly great digital experience looks like and expect assets to be enjoyable, accessible and easy to use as a result. This is true regardless of the platform the experience takes place on – it must be flawless, intuitive and relevant across Web, mobile, Voice app, payment type and in-car experience, as well as across all omnichannel customer journeys like BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup in Store) and curbside pickup.

Like your customers, we know that true digital quality does not stop at functional testing. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of end-to-end specialized solutions for your entire software development lifecycle.

Our specialized solutions for User Experience, Accessibility, Customer Journeys, Voice, Payments, and AI Training and Testing ensure that your digital assets are intuitive, user friendly, inclusive and exceptional from start to finish so that you gain and retain customers and maintain a positive brand image.

Platform Features

Features of the Applause Platform for Even More Specialized Testing

With the pace of change moving faster than ever, the quality of digital experiences and the speed at which they can be delivered is paramount. The sooner you release, the faster you flank your competitors and keep your customers happy. Specialized features of the Applause Platform can help you launch these high-quality experiences with even greater velocity and confidence.

Our Bring Your Own Testers (BYOT) feature lets you manage your own internal testing resources – friends, family, end users, etc. – all within the Applause testing platform.

We will also soon be launching a new feature for test case management, so you can manage and execute test cases entirely through Applause's proven testing platform.

Release Faster, with Confidence

Applause’s enterprise-class platform and full suite of functional and specialized testing solutions help you release with speed, scale and flexibility. Learn more about working with Applause.