Desktop App Testing

Get quick and accurate feedback from users running any desktop hardware and OS combination.

A Better Approach for Testing Desktop Apps

While many applications have moved to the cloud, desktop applications are still relied upon by gamers, professionals, and the average consumer alike. The process for installing and updating the application may be different than web and mobile, but the need for a functional, reliable, and intuitive experience for every user is not.

We solve a variety of traditional desktop testing challenges including:

  • Complex Use Cases: Desktop applications are larger and generally offer more advanced capabilities than web/mobile applications. This introduces a larger testing surface area, and often requires testers to be extremely skilled/familiar with the application to effectively test it.

  • Hardware: Desktop environments have extreme variation in the hardware customers use. RAM, graphics cards, CPUs and other components can all impact the performance of the application beyond just meeting minimum requirements.

  • Operating System: Just like hardware, OS versions can vary greatly and have unforeseen consequences for users who don't use the versions you traditionally test on or officially support.

  • Software: More than any other platform, desktops users have extreme flexibility in regard to which applications are running and, as a result, how it impacts the performance of other applications.

  • Connectivity: Your application might run from a desktop, but validating functionality and performance in concert with components that require internet connectivity is an important consideration.

Beyond those challenges is the traditional challenge any development team faces: getting to market faster without sacrificing quality. With Applause, desktop app developers can enjoy the same cost and time-saving benefits that other teams have enjoyed with crowdsourced testing.

Benefits of Desktop App Testing with Applause

Our global community of more than one million independent digital experts, with nearly three million desktop/laptop environments, enables your team to test on the exact environments your customers use. Whether your application runs on Windows, macOS, or Linux, our testers already own the environment and are ready to begin testing in it.

In the case of complex applications, we'll use testers whose backgrounds enable them to effectively use your software from a typical end-user perspective Our approach provides the most authentic view into your user experience, quickly discovering and reporting issues before they can impact your user base.

In short, Applause's crowdsourced model provides the right testers, using representative desktop environments, executing the testing approaches that drive the results you need.

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“A driving factor for working with Applause was a desire to increase our overall quality. We still had bugs popping up even after we expanded our in-house testing practices. Applause gave us a cost effective way to add necessary layers of QA.”