The Applause Difference

Crowdtesting with Applause

Since pioneering the crowdtesting concept in 2007, Applause has helped thousands of companies drive positive business outcomes by revolutionizing their digital quality.

What is Crowdtesting?

Crowdtesting, or crowdsourced testing, is a fast, cost effective way to continually deliver high quality software and great customer experiences. Crowdtesting uses a globally dispersed workforce of vetted, software professionals who test on their own devices. The distributed, on-demand nature provides unmatched scalability/elasticity, device coverage, and time-to-results when compared to traditional testing approaches. Crowdtesting is more than the new way; it’s the only way to scale testing in the modern SDLC, and is quickly becoming an integral best practice for many leading companies.

Applause assembles custom teams of vetted professionals who match the demographics of your target customers. Devices, languages, and the way people use software varies greatly by location and demographics. That’s why we test with real people, on real devices, under real-world conditions, so you can release with confidence every time.

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Crowdtesting Return on Investment

As the leader in crowdtesting, our clients have seen substantial benefits, both in their product and engineering productivity, as well as their business(es) as a whole. Whether you’re looking to accelerate software development, greatly expand device coverage without additional costs, or get a true end-user perspective, crowdtesting is a perfect fit.

Our Crowdtesting Advantage

Diverse Community of Vetted Professionals

Our community of vetted testers are available on demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, providing you with real-time actionable results.

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Test every relevant device/OS combination

Clients can test on any device/OS combination their customers use, all without incurring separate costs associated with accessing a device lab or having to manage them internally.

Testing in Real-World Use Cases

Real people on real devices test in real-world conditions; uncovering issues that are frequently missed with traditional approaches.

Testing with Customer Demographics

Clients can choose testers by location, language, hobbies, and other demographic/psychographic requirements, providing the most authentic feedback and testing possible.

Not Just Functional Testing

Applause solutions span the SDLC, including deep expertise in areas such as security, accessibility, usability, user feedback, payments and more.

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