Crowdtesting with Applause

Applause pioneered the crowdtesting concept in 2007, and has been the driving force in crowdtesting innovation ever since, helping thousands of next-generation brands create flawless digital experiences for customers.

What Is Crowdtesting?

Crowdtesting, or crowdsourced testing, is the fastest and most flexible way to deliver high-quality software releases and ensure exceptional digital experiences. Crowdtesting leverages a globally dispersed community of digital experts, who are highly vetted and ready to stand up testing at a moment’s notice – in any language, on any device. These testers serve as proxies for the brand’s own customers – delivering detailed and authentic real-world feedback on the brand’s digital experience.

The distributed, remote, follow-the-sun nature of crowdtesting gives brands unparalleled scalability and time-to-results when compared to traditional testing methods. It also gives them unmatched speed and flexibility in scaling their release testing and expanding coverage as needed. That’s why crowdtesting has quickly become a testing best practice for digital innovators, and an integral part of every modern SDLC.

Crowdtesting Return on Investment

We’ve seen brands realize substantial value and return on their investment in crowdtesting in critical business areas, including:

Faster Innovation with Lower Risk.
Through rapid testing and feedback, QA teams can better keep up with an increasing pace of development – leading to improved global launch success.
Improved Customer Experience.
Authentic feedback from real users in real-world settings helps brands improve app performance and deliver better customer experiences – increasing conversion rates and driving retention.
Reduced Testing Efforts & Cost.
Remote, distributed teams help brands scale test coverage without the burden of additional overhead costs.

Why Crowdtesting with Applause?

Diverse Community of Digital Experts

Our Community of highly vetted experts is available on demand, 24/7, worldwide to provide brands with authentic feedback and results.

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Testing Every Device/OS Combination

Brands can test on any device or OS combination, in any configuration their customers use – without incurring the costs of accessing or maintaining a device lab.

Testing in Real-World Scenarios

Real users testing in real-world scenarios serve as proxies for a brand’s customers – uncovering issues that are frequently missed with traditional testing approaches.

Choice in Customer Demographics

Brands can choose testers based on location, language, device, hobby, and a wide range of other demographic and psychographic requirements – resulting in the most complete and authentic feedback possible.

Testing that Spans the SDLC

Spanning the entire SDLC, we have deep expertise in a wide range of testing areas – including Manual Functional, Automation, AI, Voice, Accessibility, Payments, Customer Journeys and User Experiences, among others.