Swisscom Uses Agile Development And Crowdtesting To Deliver Quality Software

Daniel Fidler Daniel Fidler
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Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest telecom, uses agile development and a crowdtesting model to constantly give consumers quality software updates.

“The crowdtesting model offers us great flexibility” ~ Simon Berg-

As Switzerland’s leading telecom provider, Swisscom offers mobile communications, fixed networks, Internet and digital TV to corporate and residential customers across the country. Two-thirds of Swiss citizens rely on Swisscom for Internet, television or phone access.

Swisscom differentiates itself by continually delivering the most state-of-the-art products and services available to its customers. As the pace of innovation increases and timelines shorten, Swisscom is constantly looking for new ways to support its aggressive digital initiatives.

Watch how Simon Berg, agile program manager for Swisscom, uses Applause crowdtesting to test earlier and more often in his development process and ultimately get to market faster.

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