It's Time to Take Accessibility Seriously

Hamish Sherlock Hamish Sherlock
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Failing to meet accessibility standards has far-reaching consequences.

Accessibility has long been an afterthought when it comes to web and app development. It’s a disappointing truth, but one that we still have the ability to change. However, for meaningful change to take place, it takes a commitment to educating others and arming them with the expertise and guidance to act.

The problem is, there has rarely been a sense of urgency that encourages developers to prioritize accessibility. Perhaps it hasn’t been presented in the right context before. More likely, people simply aren't listening. The following should provide the context you need to begin imparting meaningful change in the form of digital accessibility.

Is Accessibility Just a Compliance Checkbox to You?
In-depth infographic on the importance of accessibility. Click the image to view the accessible PDF.

Driving ROI with Accessibility: Get Closer to Your Customer with Crowdtesting


Discover how Applause helps companies solve their most common accessibility challenges, resulting in impactful ROI.

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