Applause Announces First Round of Customer Speakers for DigitalXChange '18

Applause Announces First Round of Customer Speakers for DigitalXChange '18

Three customers are joining the list of presenters which already includes technologist Tom Wujec and Affectiva CEO Rana el Kaliouby.

Meet the latest round of speakers from Fox, Roche, and Master Lock.

Mark London, Vice President in the Advanced Ad Product Group, Fox

Mark London is a 20+ year veteran of digital media and currently a Vice President in the Advanced Ad Product Group at FOX. He manages a team focused on ad integration and ad experience for entertainment shows streaming on FOX NOW and FXNOW. Mark’s team supervised the digital ad experience during some of the most watched streaming events: SB XLVIII in 2014, SB LI in 2017, and the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Don Anderson, Director of the Global Design Verification of Product Software Group, Roche

As the Director of the Global Design Verification of Product Software Group, Don leads the Roche Diabetes Care, Inc. global product quality assurance testing. In this role, he ensures leadership and accountability for medical device software quality oversight, robustness, and compliance. Don brings a deep knowledge of global software testing standards, compliance strategies, and innovative approaches to reduce time and cost during global product development.

John Bartucci, Senior Director of Software & Systems, Master Lock

John Bartucci is responsible for cloud and mobile app software development to enable Master Lock’s growing IoT business. Since joining The Master Lock Company in 2011, he has been relentless in driving software solutions to support the new product portfolio and starting a new chapter in the 97-year-old manufacturing company’s story. Prior to Master Lock, John delivered global system solutions at Motorola and 3Com.

About the Conference

DigitalXChange is the premier digital quality conference. It brings together some of the top visionaries, executives, and decision makers who are looking to learn about – and drive – the future of digital product quality.

We’ve packed a lot into this event – inspiring keynotes, real-world success stories, and tons of time to network with your peers. Regardless of your role, you’ll discover the trends, learn the technology, and meet the visionaries that are shaping the future of digital. Join Fox, Roche, and Master Lock on October 2nd and 3rd to learn how you can stand out in this digital-first world.

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