How Syús Uses External QA To Deliver Accurate Medical Records to Hospitals

Often considered as both a blessing and a curse, electronic health records give the medical sector the data it needs to provide patient care. On the flip side, hospitals now have vast amounts of data about surgical procedures, but can lack the tools to turn this data into actionable, easy-to-understand information.

Nashville-based Syús knows that the efficient running of an operating room is not easy. Add into the mix the digitalization of healthcare and any solution that makes data management easier will help improve performance across the board.

The Syús solution is to collect surgical case data and transform it into actionable visualizations. This means that a hospital can concentrate on implementing improvements when and where they are required.

As you would expect from a startup, the majority of Syús’ employees wear multiple hats. As a result, none of those employees are part of a dedicated QA team, although the company does have a small team of employees test for data validation, accuracy, and performance testing.However, every time this team needed to perform the essential task of product testing, they would need to compromise their focus on other responsibilities such as developing and improving the product itself.

Internal Capabilities Extended By Crowdtesting

With that in mind, the company was looking for a way to quickly identify bugs, improve data inconsistencies and increase response times to customer complaints. At the same time, Syús needed to be sure its product was intuitive and easy to use.

The requirements were clear; find a QA solution that could handle both repetitive and analytic tasks while being scalable to match company growth.

After an extensive search, Applause was considered to be the perfect fit. The healthcare sector relies on quick response times and consistent results, a requirement that can be replicated via crowdtesting. With access to the Applause community of over 300,000 testers to reproduce customer-reported bugs, Syús ensures that the data that it gives back to its customers is formatted correctly, clean and error free.

Applause Solution Delivery Managers and testers work closely with the internal team at Syús to review data regarding doctor calendars, equipment availability and operating room schedules. Ultimately, these real humans are able to ensure the data accurately matches and synchronizes with the information underpinning the Syús scheduling and analytics platform.

“While we don’t formally track QA metrics, we can say anecdotally that, since using Applause, our cycle time to get out customer deliverables has certainly decreased,” said Syús’ vice president of customer success Laura Reynolds. “Working with Applause helps us deliver the highest quality versions of our solutions to surgical teams around the country. The better our solutions, the better the results for patients. That’s what Applause helps Syús do.”

The partnership has been extremely beneficial to Syús. The company has seen not only a decrease in the time to market, but also a reduction in bad data reaching customers. At the same time, there has been more consistency in health data and an increase in its customers’ operational efficiency.

“Applause is a key part of what we do, working with them is like having a direct extension of our internal test team. Because they understand the real world and conditions where our customers work, they comprehend the context and critical nature of the decisions our customers make using our solution every day,” said Syús CEO Kevin O’Hara. “Applause testing adds a layer of confidence to our ability to deliver high quality actionable digital solutions. We’re pleased to extend our partnership with them, because it’s ultimately operating room teams and patients who benefit from our highly accurate and reliable offerings.”

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