A Customer Perspective Helps Breezeworks Better Serve Small Businesses

“The quicker we get new versions to market, the more independent businesses we can help succeed.” ~ Matthew Cowan

Breezeworks, a San Francisco-based software company, gives independent service professionals the ability to seamlessly manage remote teams, improve customer experience and streamline payment processes without any overhead. The Breezeworks applications, available both on the Web and on smartphones, support businesses on the go. The app makes it a breeze to schedule appointments, manage jobs, collect payments, eliminate no-shows, navigate traffic, capture repeat business, follow up with customers and connect with suppliers.

The breadth of Breezeworks’ features and functions touch on every aspect of field service management operations. Rather than handling dated technology and paperwork, Breezeworks developed intuitive and simple-to-use tools for job scheduling, team management via smartphone or web client, paperless invoicing, estimates, on-site payment processing, automated customer updates, follow-up and native QuickBooks bookkeeping software integration.

Any mobile-driven service recognizes the challenge that exists to test and keep up with the ever-changing mobile marketplace. Android alone has over 24,000 different device and operating system combinations on the market today.

While the sheer number of devices is great from a consumer’s perspective, giving the customer the ability to pick a device that is tailored to their specifications has become a nightmare in the QA world. As a result, many companies are finding it nearly impossible for their internal QA team to test applications across the tens of thousands of devices on the market. Breezework’s startup QA team was no exception.

The ability to ensure applications work across all devices is especially critical to a company like Breezeworks. Its customers rely on Breezeworks applications to run their business. If the application is faulty, unreliable or loses data, that business could be severely impacted.

Thus, for Breezeworks to sufficiently serves its client base, applications need to work seamlessly and easily.

Breezeworks relies on customer reviews to confirm its quality. This is highlighted front and center on the company website: 4.5 stars from Google play, 4.5 stars from Apple’s apps store, 5 stars from QuickBooks and 5 stars from Capterra. If the Breezeworks application does not work well on all devices, its reviews will suffer.

The Unique Crowdsourcing Advantage


Facing a growing user base and anticipating continued device fragmentation in the mobile marketplace, Breezeworks turned to Applause and its community of 250,000+ professional testers. The Applause crowdsourced model helps ensure that Breezeworks’ reviews continue to be great and that its customers would continue to find the application reliable across any device.

CEO of Breezeworks Matthew Cowan said:

Working with Applause enabled us to get the best quality versions of our app to market faster than we otherwise would have and the quicker we get new versions to market, the more independent businesses we can help succeed.

Applause’s community of professional testers provides a unique advantage for customers like Breezeworks. The ability to test on any device, anywhere, at any time, with real people offers Breezeworks the coverage and insight it need to make sure its application performs across a broad range of use cases. With fewer than 50 employees in the company, this kind of testing coverage would not have been possible otherwise.

Through the uTest community, Applause works as an extension of the Breezeworks team. A project manager is assigned to Breezeworks who works directly with the team to ensure that the right bugs are being found, deadlines are hit and the quality of its customers’ digital experience is ever-increasing.

Cowan could not be happier with the partnership:

“Applause is such a key part of what we do, working with them is like having a direct extension of our internal test team. They test our apps in the real world with real users, they help us make sure our customers are satisfied, no matter where they are. We’re thrilled to be extending our partnership with them, because it’s Breezeworks users who will benefit.”

The extended relationship ensures that Breezeworks users around the world will continue to have great experiences utilizing the technology to organize billing and scheduling and maintain relationships with internal teams and customers, all without costly increases in overhead.

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