Zeb Winzenried

Director, Testing Services for Applause

Zeb is a Director in Applause's Testing Services organization, focusing on Payments. Zeb manages the delivery of Testing Requests with a global team, focused primarily on some of the largest Payment Testing customers at Applause. Zeb began his career at Applause when he went from stay-at-home dad to full time software tester. He found projects dealing with the payment landscape to be a challenging and fascinating space. Zeb fused his background in business management with his love of technology, dedicating his time to these projects. His passion and drive in the field allowed him to rise through the ranks of Applause quickly, from tester to Test Team Lead, then Test Architect to now a Director of Testing Services. Zeb is currently based in San Antonio, Texas, and has been helping to successfully grow Payment Testing at Applause since 2015.

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