Jean-Pierre Lambert

Writer, Speaker about Agile Quality - Creator of Scrum Life

Jean-Pierre Lambert comes from a background as a software developer with a strong interest in quality and business value. Jean-Pierre has helped teams grow, overcome challenges, deliver awesome products and delight customers as an Agile and Quality Assurance Coach. He often contributes his expertise to the Applause blog as a writer.

Jean-Pierre also shares his thoughts and experiences on his personal blog and at various conferences and meetups. He works to educate others on Agile practices and mindset through his YouTube channel and his famous Scrum Life show.

See What Jean-Pierre Lambert Has Written:

Agile Transformation: How to Adapt Your QA Team to the ‘Feature Teams’ Model

In the first two articles of this series about agile transformation in QA teams, Jean-Pierre Lambert compared a traditional to an agile approach to QA and introduced the "Feature Teams" model.

Agile Transformation for Your QA Engineers: Learn to Work Differently

In the first article of this series which focuses on organizing your QA teams in an agile way, Jean-Pierre Lambert compared the traditional approach to QA to a newer, more effective method. In part…

Agile Transformation: How You Can Organize Your QA Teams Accordingly

In VersionOne’s 13th Annual State of Agile Report, 97% of respondents said that their company practices some form of agile development.

Agile and Product Approach: How to Streamline your Company's Success

Is your organization successful by chance? In his new article, Jean-Pierre Lambert helps you evaluate your product approach using a few major criteria.

The Agile Approach to Software Development: How to Grow (Not Build) Your Software

Theory first, now practice. Let's learn how to implement the "growing" approach to software development.

The Agile Approach to Software Development: Growing rather than Building

The act of developing software is often compared to building a house. However, I disagree with that notion. I feel a more appropriate analogy for developing software is growing a healthy plant. Let…

Why Experimentation and Lean Startup are the Key to a Successful Product

As a product owner or product manager, what defines a successful product to you?