Helen Fernety

Inclusive Design UX Consultant at Applause

Helen is an inclusive design UX consultant at Applause. She works with firms to ensure they are educated and enabled to pursue innovative technology projects, fueled by the concept of empathetic inclusiveness.

Helen joined Applause in July of 2021. Prior to joining, she worked in digital accessibility as a UX accessibility specialist at FedEx. In 2015, after volunteering at World Services for the Blind, she and a team created ShopABLED, a tech solution focused on improving long term health for people with different abilities by making online grocery shopping and delivery accessible.

Helen's interest in inclusive design started with her own dyslexia, which made schooling a challenge. Inspired by early relationships with people with cognitive conditions and Helen Keller's life, Helen became a graphic designer, and eventually, a UX designer and researcher. Her bonds with persons with disabilities gave her the gift of empathy which she credits as being a key motivator in her career in the inclusivity space.

Helen lives in Memphis with her husband and two cats. She's the proud mother of two amazing kids living in Portland and NYC. She enjoys entertaining friends, gardening and she dreams of traveling the world again in the near future.

You can contact Helen at hfernety@applausemail.com

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