David Ruiz Hernandez

Senior Automation Engineer

David Ruiz is a senior software engineer based in Lyon, France, with expertise in continuous delivery and automated quality gates. His passion is helping clients to release high-quality products faster.

After finishing his degree in Computer Sciences in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 2008, David started working in software development. However, he soon discovered that he enjoyed finding ways to break software more than he did building it. He went on to developed a skillset around bug finding and has worked in QA at companies such as BMW (Germany), 7Eleven (Australia) or Changi Airport (Singapore) just to name a few.

Now, David has shifted his focus from detecting bugs to preventing them from happening. Where bugs do arise, David works to ensure their minimal impact on the SDLC, thereby saving clients time and money.

Outside of work, David enjoys reading medieval fantasy novels, spending a day at the sea (either surfing or scuba diving), riding his motorcycle and discovering new restaurants with his partner.

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