Camille Charlier

Content Marketing Manager

Camille worked at Applause as Content Marketing Manager between 2018 and 2021. She was in charge of producing and publishing high-quality content in English and French through various channels, covering topics such as agile product development, digital quality, CX, digital transformation and innovation. She was also responsible for running Applause's webinars program in the EU, working with various clients and partners.

She completed a Bachelor's Degree in applied communications and a Master's Degree in public relations and media at IHECS in Brussels, Belgium. During her studies, she completed a specialization in knowledge and innovation management as well as specific training programs in web design and front-end web development, photography, and video production.

Prior to working at Applause, she worked as a Community and Marketing Manager in an early-stage startup in Berlin, Germany. She is passionate about B2B content marketing, tech, design and photography.

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