Burton Deady

Strategic Account Manager for Sports Betting & Gaming

Having been with Applause for over five years, Burton is currently responsible for driving new business opportunities and onboarding customers in the sports betting and casino space. In the last year, Burton has been working with Applause sales, delivery, marketing, legal, and creative teams developing a strategic business approach to ensure an efficient new business process with our customers.

Burton received his BA in professional sales and holds a minor in psychology and public policy from Bentley University, where he also played varsity baseball. He has always been intensely interested in both sports and the sports betting revolution - in the US and globally.

“I’m thrilled by the advancements we’ve made at Applause in providing such a valuable service for mobile sportsbook and casinos businesses. It’s amazing not just to witness, but be a part of as well. We’ll continue to expand and evolve alongside our partners through 2021 and into 2022. There’s so much more to come.”

You can contact Burton with questions at bdeady@applause.com

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