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What is the European Accessibility Act?

Read this article to learn what the European Accessibility Act means for your business and how you can prepare.

What Travelers Want from Apps: Convenience and Control

As the number of people traveling increases, travel and hospitality companies must focus on user experience to fuel the industry’s recovery.

How Open Banking Is Forging the Future of Finance

Read how open banking is revolutionising financial services and presenting new challenges and opportunities for retail banks, TTPs and consumers.

How Retail Banks Can Survive in the Digital Arena

Applause speaks to Credito Emiliano about how retail banks can survive in the digital arena, in which new banking business models threaten legacy players.

Make Your B2B Software Renewal A Done Deal: Enchant the End Users

To remain relevant, B2B software companies must deliver value for both buyers and end users. Does your UX pass the test?

Great Travel and Hospitality Experiences Result From Extensive Testing With Real Users

Read our new report, State of Digital Quality for Travel and Hospitality 2022

The Future of Digital Financial Service and Fintech Experiences

The frontrunners in financial services and fintech focus on seamless UX, solid APIs and effortless interconnectivity to deliver fast, frustration-free transactions.

Retail Winners Prioritize Digital Quality

Gain insight into common retail software bugs and learn key priorities for winning customer loyalty through creating optimal retail digital experiences

What Does the State of Digital Quality Report 2022 Mean for Europe?

The State of Digital Quality Report (SDQ) 2022 highlights key challenges and opportunities facing companies from diverse industries worldwide. What do the findings mean for Europe?

Digital Quality Matters More Than Ever: Do Your Experiences Keep Customers Coming Back?

Take a deep dive into common flaws in digital experiences and learn how to overcome them to set your business apart.

A Quick Guide to Crypto Wallet Development

When it comes to crypto wallet development, usability and security are key. Here are 8 features developers should consider for crypto wallets.

Get New Customers Off to a Smooth Start: Uncover (and Remove) Friction

Do new customers sail through your sign-up process, or stumble into roadblocks? See how to test your new customer journeys.