Automotive Technology

In today’s highly competitive environment, the in-car experience can make or break a car sale. Get access to real drivers within the Applause community and confidently launch new in-car experiences to grow customer adoption and engagement.

Delivering Digitally Enhanced Automotive Experiences

Today’s automotive consumers demand high-quality, digitally enhanced experiences when researching, purchasing and operating an automobile. From testing infotainment integrations to providing feedback on online car configurators, our solutions help automakers ensure they are delivering the most reliable and safest digital experiences possible, both inside and outside of vehicles. Leveraging our global community of more than one million digital experts, automotive companies can test their solutions in the real world, with real customers, on the road.

Benefits of Automotive Testing with Applause

Leading automotive brands that partner with Applause are able to:

  • Test In-Dash Systems and Integration with 3rd Party Apps: Verify drivers have a seamless and safe experience using integrated 3rd party app and don't encounter any distractions while operating the vehicle. Ensure partners' apps work as intended within all infotainment environments. Access millions of device/OS configurations to ensure integrated apps work in any environment and within all infotainment environments.
  • Access Real Vehicles and Drivers at Scale: Source specific vehicles outside your in-house testing fleet to help lower the costs of maintaining a large test fleet. Receive actionable feedback from drivers in unique scenarios that are hard to predict in a lab environment.
  • Ensure all Digital Properties are Localized and Deliver a User-Friendly Experience: Ensure web and mobile properties are translated correctly in every market and that customers have a cohesive experience across all properties. Receive ongoing and actionable feedback from customers about the design and interface of customizable web tools including the car configurator, vehicle comparison, and payment calculator.
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“We learned a lot about usability, how the testers from Applause are approaching these apps and are using these apps versus our internal testers. It was very interesting to see what feedback we got as Applause testers represented a customer.”