Applause Net Promoter Score Is Double the Industry Average

Walmart and Avon highlight the importance of Applause to their businesses

Boston, Massachusetts - November 10, 2021

Applause, the worldwide leader in enabling digital quality, today released the results of its most recent customer satisfaction survey. The company achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 61.7, which is double the average for B2B software and SaaS brands, according to customer experience management firm Relently.

“The world’s leading brands count on us to help them launch exceptional digital experiences at the scale and speed their end users demand,” said Luke Damian, Applause’s Chief Growth Officer. “Our community of digital experts is global and distributed in nature so we can curate testing teams on demand, anywhere in the world and at any time, which makes our clients’ lives easier, helps them maintain business continuity and allows them to release with confidence.”

Applause’s customer satisfaction scores have continued to rise over the past year and a half as the company recorded a new record-high NPS each and every quarter. Customers consistently highlighted the comprehensive testing coverage Applause provides on different devices, operating systems and configurations across the demographics and geographies they need. The exceptional quality of results and the speed at which they are delivered to customers were recurring themes.

“Working with Applause extends and strengthens Avon’s QA capabilities to enable a higher delivery velocity and quality through a better test coverage across a range of devices, operating systems, browsers and geographies,” said Laszlo Murvai-Buzogany, Director of Digital Core Capabilities at Avon. “In addition to Applause testers helping identify issues around functionality, user experience and stability, we are at least equally proud of the adaptive partnership with Applause, geared to best support Avon’s needs in a quickly changing internal and external environment.”

Walmart recently expanded its InHome delivery service – where Walmart employees install a smart lock onto a customer’s front or garage door and then deliver products and groceries directly into the customer’s garage, kitchen and even refrigerator using a one-time access code for the smart lock. Orders are made through the InHome app and the entire process is recorded by the Walmart employee so that the customer can view the delivery in the app as it happens.

The service debuted in Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Vero Beach, Florida, and was recently added in Arkansas, Southeast Florida and Atlanta. When Walmart needed to test InHome with real users completing real customer journeys, it turned to Applause.

“InHome makes customers' days easier by delivering groceries, picking up returns, and above all, bringing Walmart's high standards of service beyond our customers' doors,” said Evan Abel, Product Manager, New Product Innovation at Walmart. “Keeping that promise takes rigorous hardware and software testing with real users in real-life environments that could only be achieved with Applause. Every operational step of delivery, every new feature we develop, and every customer contact point through their journey from orders-placed to fridge-filled is tested. Applause helps make InHome a service our customers can rely on and look forward to inviting over.”

The high customer satisfaction rates extend beyond Applause’s surveys to review sites like Gartner Peer Insights where Applause has an all-time average rating of 4.8 out of five stars and a perfect 5-star average over the past year.

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