Applause Focuses on the Future of Testing With Launch of Applause Labs

Releases the Applause Quality Score, the industry’s first standard for enterprise digital quality

Boston, Massachusetts - October 23, 2019

Applause, the worldwide leader in digital quality and crowdsourced testing, today unveiled Applause Labs, an innovation engine focused on the rapid development and iteration of ideas that will bring next-generation testing concepts to life.

Applause Labs is the industry’s largest team dedicated to quality and testing, encompassing current R&D initiatives as well as an expanded focus on developing new testing concepts. Led by industry veteran Jonathan Zaleski, Applause Labs is focused on accelerating innovation and developing new ideas quickly and efficiently, allowing Applause to bring new offerings to market faster than ever.

“Applause is built on a foundation of innovation. We invented the crowdtesting industry over a decade ago and are the leader in the category because we put our clients at the center of everything we do,” said Doron Reuveni, founder and CEO of Applause. “The digital vanguard – next-generation companies like Google and eBay – all turn to us for their testing because we deliver value in ways no other company can. Applause Labs continues this history of innovation, allowing us to move faster and deliver impactful solutions to our clients at an even higher rate.”

The Applause Quality Score: Improving quality at the build, release and product level

For brands that are looking to consistently measure and improve the quality of their releases over time, Applause Labs has developed the industry’s first and only quality benchmarking tool built for the enterprise. With over a decade of historical data on what quality looks like, Applause Labs uses client testing results to curate a customized quality score for the company. The resulting Applause Quality Score – a calculated value ranging from 0 to 100 – enables clients to understand the level of quality they are achieving build-over-build, helping them decide when a build is ready for release.

"Applause has been instrumental in our ability to release high-quality digital experiences to our patients,” said Meredith McNeill, QA Manager at Dignity Health. “The Applause Quality Score will further this mission by giving us insight into how our quality is trending over time. This data will help us make those critical go/no-go decisions about when a build is ready to be released to the masses.”

“For over a decade, Applause has worked with the world’s top brands to address digital quality issues. With years of expertise and historical data on what makes a quality app or product, we are uniquely positioned to create a standard for what good looks like,” said Jonathan Zaleski, Head of Applause Labs. “The Applause Quality Score is just the beginning for Applause Labs. We are laser-focused on the exploration and delivery of cutting-edge concepts in testing, including some entirely new product offerings.”

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About Applause

Applause is a world leader in testing and digital quality. Brands today win or lose customers through digital interactions, and Applause delivers authentic feedback on the quality of digital assets and experiences, provided by real users in real-world settings. Our disruptive approach harnesses the power of the Applause platform and leverages the uTest community of more than one million independent digital testers worldwide. Unlike traditional testing methods (including lab-based and offshoring), Applause responds with the speed, scale and flexibility that digital-focused brands require and expect. Applause provides insightful, actionable testing results that can directly inform go/no go release decisions, helping development teams build better and faster, and release with confidence. Digital-first brands rely on Applause as a best practice to deliver the digital experiences their customers love.

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