Testing for Alexa Skills

Launching a successful Alexa skill is dependent on an infinite number of variables–from user accents to background noise. The complex and connected nature of voice can only be tested with native speakers and real devices.

Deliver A Five-Star Alexa Skill Experience

Receive actionable insights to make informed decisions.

With more than 50,000 Alexa skills available in the U.S. alone, developers are challenged to create a skill that is unique and valuable for consumers. Users who have one poor experience using a skill will likely not engage with that skill again. However, due to the complex and evolving nature of voice, delivering a skill that is natural and engaging for users is no simple task.

Leveraging a trusted global community of vetted digital experts, Applause assembles customized testing teams of native speakers that match your unique requirements. This allows developers to test their Alexa skills with real voices, validating they work properly across languages, dialects, genders, and age groups.

With Alexa capabilities available across a wide range of devices, your skill must be tested across the entire experience. Applause provides unlimited device coverage so skills can be tested on any Alexa-enabled device, including multimodal interfaces. Developers will receive actionable results and in-depth feedback to ensure their Alexa skills function properly and are intuitive for every user.

Testing Built From Amazon’s Best Practices

As a preferred testing partner of Amazon, Applause provides a cohesive approach to testing your Alexa skills that captures best practices from Amazon’s certification. Whether you are launching a new skill or looking to enhance an existing one, our offerings are customized to match your specific testing needs:

  • Dialog Verification: Verify user queries that customers use to interact with your skills to ensure they properly understand and route common utterances.
  • Functional Testing: Creation, maintenance, and execution of exploratory and structured test cases and utterance-driven paths.
  • Usability Testing & Feedback: Receive detailed feedback, audio files, and expert recommendations on qualitative and subjective aspects of your Alexa skill to help build an intuitive user experience.
  • Payment Testing: Ensure that account linking and in-market purchases execute as expected and meet compliance, tax, and local requirements.

Beskpoken Webinar

Voice interfaces are changing the rules of when and how consumers interact with brands. As a new and evolving field, making voice a valuable part of a customer's experience is no easy task for organizations. In this webinar, Applause and Bespoken, will discuss the essentials for building five-star Alexa voice experiences.
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  • Improve Usability: Understand your customers' intents and motivations when interacting with your skill to drive user-centric decisions.