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Mobile Localization

As smartphones continue to gain global adoption, your apps are sure to expand to regions far and wide. But if your awesome app is going to make a splash overseas, it needs to make sense to your new users on every level.

Localization testing is about more than just translating words. Characters, formatting, colors, calls to action and more need to be adjusted to fit the local culture, context and understanding. A small slip up could leave your users confused - or worse, offended.

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Test With Native Speakers

A translation bot, or even a translation outsourcing service, might not catch critical mistakes (a phrase that doesn't translate correctly, a word with an entirely different implication, slang, etc.) that will drive your new users away.

The best way to test the true localization of your app is to test with local users and native speakers who are immersed in your target culture and will view your app as a user will. With access to a global community of professional testers, Applause can have cultural natives test your app in just about any target market.

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