Applause Feedback: Real-World User Experience

The most beautiful website or the most feature-rich mobile app is only as good as the user experience. Can your users successfully navigate and complete tasks? How do they talk about it to others? Consumers and businesses alike have unprecedented power to rate, review and comment on their experience and potentially make - or break - a brand’s success.

With Applause Feedback solutions, we help you understand the human user experience with your website, mobile app or IoT product where it is of critical importance to meet - or exceed - your customers’ expectations.

Reviewing a Usability Study

Usability Studies

Does the digital experience you provide match your users’ expectations? Our usability experts combine the power of customer feedback with industry standards and their years of expertise to provide you with the best guidance and direction to make sure you create a great digital experience for your customers.

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Accessibility Assessments

An often overlooked component of website, web and mobile apps, and IoT product design is whether the experience is accessible to people with disabilities or physical limitations. Our experts assess your products against established guidelines such as WCAG 2.0, UAAG 2.0 and Section 508 to make sure you have accounted for the needs of assistive technologies and have created a great experience for everyone.

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Man with Hearing Aid Using Tablet
Mobile Beta Management Distribution

Beta Management

Running - and tracking - beta programs can be a demanding process without the right tools. Applause offers a streamlined distribution model with in-app bug reporting and customer feedback to ease the challenges of beta management, letting you start fixing issues in real time.

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The Applause Feedback solutions give you the insight and feedback you need to create a great digital experience for your customers. Contact us today to find out more.

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“What we really needed to know was how humans would use this app. People use smartphones in many different ways, so we needed to make sure the user experience lived up to expectations – and that’s where Applause provided such value.”

- Charlie Young,
Lead Mobile Strategy Consultant, NHS