Test Case Management

An Enterprise-grade Approach to Test Management.

Testing is complex, test management doesn’t have to be

A single source of truth to empower you to make informed decisions

Effective test management is a critical part of developing high quality digital products. Applause offers a holistic, enterprise-grade test case management (TCM) solution included as part of the Applause subscription.

Applause TCM supports test management of both internal team testing and Applause community testing, improving the ability to plan and coordinate test executions across multiple builds and applications.

With TCM, take advantage of the flexibility of internal team testing and scalable community testing in a combination that works for your needs:

  • Start with initial tests with your internal team and follow with scaled community tests
  • Have the community comb your application at scale and test using your internal resources
  • Gain insights, simplicity and visibility to deliver quality faster

An Enterprise-Grade Approach To Test Case Management

Maximize the value and potential of your test cases

Applause Community Testing
Maximize your test case capabilities with a holistic test management solution executed on your behalf.
Internal Team Testing
Manage your own internal test cases alongside Applause community tests to create a single source of truth.
Test Planning And Execution
Create internal test cycles, add test cases, create test runs. Assign test runs to a tester or a product team.

Your Single Source of Truth for All Test Management and Execution

Manage and Execute Your Entire Testing Suite With Flexibility and Ease

When it comes to test management, there are numerous solutions to choose from. What sets Applause TCM apart from the rest?

  • Access to the Applause community. Our uTest community is the world’s largest, most diverse community of independent digital experts — available to help you with test cases and with the ability to scale to your specific requirements.
  • Applause Quality Score - Customers that have us manage their TCM via our community get reports on the quality of their testing; something we call the Applause Quality Score (AQS). This score is a combination of how your test cases have performed and what issues your apps contain. It enables deep dives into specific areas of interest and shows quality trends over time.
  • TCM is included free as part of the Applause platform. Free up budget and avoid worrying about per-seat licenses with TCM included as part of your subscription with Applause.

Learn More About Applause Test Case Management

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