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Our cars are becoming smarter. The connected car landscape is a booming business – analysts speculate that 89% of vehicles on the road will have embedded connected capabilities by 2024. As such, users are going to expect digital experiences in their cars to provide seamless, distraction-free integration while ensuring driver and passenger safety. Car manufacturers and app developers alike will have to rethink the way they design, build and test apps in a vehicle environment.

How many cars can you fit in your test lab? Even if your lab is the size of a warehouse, it won’t help you determine how your technology and apps work as your users cruise highways or sit in rush hour traffic. Working with Applause gives you access to real-world smart car drivers who can provide the kind of feedback you need to create a safe digital experience on the road.

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User Interface for Smart Car Dashboard

Interface Simplicity

What changes can manufacturers and app developers make to dashboard app interfaces to make it easy and safe to use on the road? Car interfaces have to minimize distraction and have large tap targets or input methods (including voice) to be a safe option for drivers to use. Let Applause help you research the leading features and trends in connected car app development.

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Avoiding Feature Bloat

It may be tempting to put a whole operating system on the car’s dashboard, but where’s the line? Too many features and functionality, and the driver can be come overwhelmed or frustrated – or distracted. Too little, and they’ll wonder why you’re taking over their dashboard in the first place. A usability study from Applause helps you walk that line with confidence.

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Visually Busy Car Dashboard
Tester With Phone In Car

Testing for Success

Designing and developing apps for an entire new form factor takes time, thought and money, and approval for their use requires more than a nod from an app store. With extreme fragmentation, user safety, security and government driving laws and regulations, it is crucial to ensure your smart car's apps work in the real world. Whether users are driving through a tunnel, on a bridge or the freeway, in-the-wild testing gives you the ability to ensure drivers stay informed, safe and happy.

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Testing On-device (In-car)

It won’t be enough to simply test in the lab when it comes to moving vehicles. Connections to a variety of handsets, cellular connections, car model and year mean that the testing matrix will grow in complexity. Applause can help you test with real devices in the car and exercise your smart car application under real conditions resulting in real feedback. With a combination of test case execution and manual exploratory testing, in-the-wild functional testing can find bugs in locations and situations that testers in your lab can not.

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Testing On Device

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Replicating all the real-world environments you need to test your smart car apps can be cost-prohibitive and unwieldy. Contact Applause to find out how we can help you research, design, and test your connected car apps in the wild.

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