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Rocket Matter

Ensuring Top Quality for Customers

Rocket Matter has a successful legal billing and practice management web application that turns customers into fast fans. But when the company decided to expand into mobile, they ran into challenges.

“Our iPhone app was having issues in specific situations and was generating calls from customers who are really big fans of our web based application,” said Rafael E. Santos, VP of Product at Rocket Matter. “Our app’s performance was causing big pains for them, and in turn for us.”

Santos inherited the issue when he started at Rocket Matter and quickly traced the problem back to a lack of formal QA. At the time, Rocket Matter was relying on internal staff who knew the product well to act as testers. Santos knew that if Rocket Matter wanted to put out mobile apps that met customer expectations they would need a professional testing solution fast.

“I was looking for a testing alternative that would have the biggest impact in the shortest time possible,” he said.

The Applause Appeal

Santos greatly appreciated Applause's global model that promotes tester diversity and naturally allows talent to rise to the top. He and his team soon built meaningful relationships with the testers and learned the best way to produce high quality results.

“I use the chat functionality constantly. I engage with the testers, I ask them questions, I answer their questions when they have them,” said Santos. “I love the capability of selecting my own testers – I use the ‘favorites’ feature all the time. When we get a bug from certain testers we trust we say to ourselves, ‘We really need to look at this right away.’”

He also knew that Applause's multi-platform, multi-service offering would come in handy as Rocket Matter continued to scale their products.

"We needed someone that could grow with us. For a long time we were a web-only app, but then we released an iOS app and we’re currently working on an app for Android devices. I needed a comprehensive, robust solution that could handle our expanding needs. uTest (Applause) has testing for security and usability, these are things that are very important to us, so uTest (Applause) seemed like the perfect fit."
-- Rafael E. Santos, VP of Product, Rocket Matter

Testing and Results

Applause performed functional and security testing for Rocket Matter’s web and iOS applications. Santos and Rocket Matter’s CEO, Larry Port, felt the addition of security testing was important.

“We were getting concerned calls from our users because other cloud companies were getting hacked, and security quickly became top priority,” Santos said. “Our CEO wanted to ensure our security is top notch.”

Applause helped Rocket Matter identify and address some very important issues. According to Santos:

  • iOS App Quality: Applause found all serious crash points that Rocket Matter’s iPhone app was experiencing. Rocket Matter released a major update to their iPhone app based on Applause findings and another update is in progress.
  • Improved Security: Security testing didn’t turn up any serious issues on our web-based solution, but did reveal some areas in need of attention. Rocket Matter has since fixed all key issues.
  • Reduced Customer Complaints: Since employing Applause, Rocket Matter has reduced customer complaints regarding quality issues.

Appeal Overall Improved Quality

Working with Applause has changed Rocket Matter’s entire approach to quality assurance. Santos reports that his team is eager to work with testers, trusts the bugs being filed and has been inspired to increase the quality of their own work.

“Our own development team, already meticulous about delivering quality work, has become even more fastidious since they don’t want to deliver a build and have uTest (Applause) find bugs,” Santos said.

All these changes come down to one important fact that all companies need to embrace.

“It’s protecting the quality of what we’re releasing to customers.”