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Lessons In Localization Testing

Slow performance and frequent crashes are no reason to discard that old personal computer. Thanks to ReviverSoft, consumers across the globe now have a quick, affordable option to get their PCs optimized and running like new again - through a variety of desktop products, including Driver Reviver and Registry Reviver, as well as an extensive library of tips and tricks.

As an early-stage company, ReviverSoft ran into problems ensuring quality of localization. After their website and product had been “localized” into 22 languages, Mark Beare – the company’s Founding Partner – needed a way to test the accuracy of these changes.

"Localization is a very complex task," explained Mark. "There’s a lot of room for error. You have to make sure the translations are accurate and contextual. Since none of our staff were located in Germany, France and many other countries where we were offering our products at the time, uTest (Applause) was an ideal solution."

The Challenges of Localization

For the same reason that writers shouldn’t edit their own work, translators should not review their own translations. So when ReviverSoft had their product and website translated into 22 different languages, they needed an objective third party to review the content (formatting, dates, punctuation, currency, etc). And with testers located in 178 countries around the globe, Applause approved to be an ideal solution.

"We really needed native speakers for this assignment," said Mark. "These are the countries where we’re selling our products, so it was extremely important that the material was accurate and made sense."

With the help of his dedicated Applause project manager (there’s one assigned to every customer account), Mark and his team would assemble a team of diverse testers in terms of language and location. With the setup complete, this team of experts would spend the next several days reviewing the various localized sites, with a particular focus on the German, French, Danish and Japanese versions.

"We had been sending a lot of long files to the translators, so you never know when text is going to be cut off in certain areas of the site, since length often varies. We needed to make sure that the text rendered correctly, and we needed to know where text should be changed to make it more relevant."

ReviverSoft Testing Results

Within a matter of days, Mark and his team had received complete feedback on all of their recently translated versions.

"What we found was that, for the most part, testers were able to use the software with the translations provided, so that was good confirmation," said Mark.

"We did, however, find a few issues where the text was not rendered correctly and where certain content needed to be changed completely. Without some of that feedback, our product instructions would not have made a lot any sense to some people."
-- Mark Beare, Founding Partner, ReviverSoft

Like all Applause customers, Mark and his team were able to review results in real-time through Applause's advanced online platform, which was fully integrated with their current JIRA bug-tracking system.

Summary and Next Steps

Overall, Mark and the development team at ReviverSoft were extremely pleased with the quality of results, as well as the time it took to receive them.

"We’re a young company, so it didn’t make sense for us to go out and hire a full team of testers right away, since they wouldn’t have had a whole lot to do," explained Mark. "For us, uTest (Applause) was a much quicker, much more efficient way of performing our testing."

As the ReviverSoft brand and product expands into even more locations around the globe – and as the company grows in number of employees – Mark expects Applause to remain their partner in testing.

"I was very impressed with uTest (Applause) and the team they assembled for us," said Mark. "We will continue using uTest (Applause), even as we grow our internal QA team."