Save the shopping cart

Black Friday bugs disrupted purchasing across 22 top retail sites.

You may be an online company, but your business is impacted by the devices your customers use, the environments they operate in, and the payment methods they prefer.

Applause gives you the test coverage you need and tests your apps and websites in the real world with highly-vetted digital experts. Our offerings span digital, usability, and payment testing to deliver seamless customer experiences and stop shopping cart abandonment in its tracks.

Avoid common pitfalls by reading our eBook, "5 Digital Mistakes Retailers Continue to Make."

Applause improves your ecommerce experiences.

Increase scale and speed to match seasonality

Leverage on-demand testers to launch high-quality ecommerce features quickly and with scale.

Build loyalty by meeting customer demands

Get the coverage you need to test for every shopper, regardless of device, payment method, or language.

Validate content and personalization

Ensure the performance of your personalization, localization, content, and advertising efforts.

Ecommerce professionals now lose 12+ hours per week troubleshooting digital errors and performance issues.

That adds up to 652 lost hours of work per worker per year. These hundreds of hours are spent addressing quality issues that affect the customer experience and revenue streams. Applause can help you increase the capacity of internal testing teams by 200%.

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Don’t let functional errors derail your ecommerce experiences.

Make quality your top priority. Our real-world testing and feedback solutions are here to help you:
  • Launch with confidence into new markets knowing your content and ecommerce sites are ready for the real world
  • Get to market faster and with higher quality leveraging scalable, on-demand testing resources that provide rapid, actionable results
  • Build customer loyalty by ensuring every part of the customer journey is seamless, consistent, and enjoyable

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