Build experiences for everyone

1B+ people worldwide live with a disability.

Building accessible experiences for all users not only increases customer loyalty, it helps you avoid costly lawsuits.

Applause brings your digital experiences into the real world by testing with native users of assistive technology and accessibility experts. Our team provides recommendations for how to improve your site, making it usable for all customers and helping you comply with government regulations.

Learn the basics of accessibility in our eBook, "Key Accessibility Improvements for Web Development."

Applause improves your digital experiences.

Design for disabled users

Build accessible experiences for everyone with help from experts and real-world testers.

Comply with ADA guidelines

Reduce the risk of a lawsuit by consulting with accessibility experts who work with you to identify issues and make fixes.

Broaden your market

Accessible experiences enable you to broaden your customer base and retain existing customers.

Accessible experiences benefit all users

Accessible experiences not only open up new customer segments, they increase loyalty among existing customers as they improve the overall experience and quality of your digital properties.

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Don’t let inaccessible experiences push customers to the competition.

Make quality your top priority. Our accessibility experts are here to help you:
  • Broaden your market with digital properties that are accessible to those with disabilities
  • Reduce costs by building accessible designs into all new development
  • Reduce the risk of lawsuits by ensuring all releases comply with government regulations

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