Product Research

At every phase of the product development lifecycle, a critical ingredient is external feedback. Whether you are vetting an early idea, testing a prototype to determine its viability, or looking for real-world feedback from an in-market product, keeping in touch with the expectations and opinions of your target audience is your best source of information.

No matter what phase of your product lifecycle you are in, Applause can create a custom research study that will give you exactly what you need. We leverage our global community to recruit participants that match your users’ demographics for surveys, focus groups, and other testing, anywhere in the world.

What We Offer

Testers Explore App Under Real World Conditions

Crowdsourced Feedback

Whether your product resides in the cloud, gets installed in a home or can be held in your hand, it’s critical for manufacturers and developers alike to understand how those products work under real-world circumstances. How does a banking app perform as you move from wi-fi to 4G? Is your game system easily understood and operated by both children and parents in your target market? Can your home thermostat be easily installed by the average person and perform as designed as the seasons change? Applause will recruit a set of research participants that match the demographics of your customers to use your products, record their feedback and synthesize data about their experience.

Focus Groups and Crowd Qualitative Research

For a deeper narrative and the opportunity to gather more comprehensive experience feedback, Applause can help you craft and execute in-market focus groups in an on-site moderated environment. In this environment, you can gain more qualitative feedback as to the perception of your products as they are - and direction for what customers wish they could be - and discover opportunities to differentiate your offering and brand in-market.

Moderator Speaks With Focus Group
Experts Analyze Marketplace

Expert Analysis and Reporting

Analyzing secondary sources of information can provide a neutral, facts-based assessment of your competitive landscape. By assessing a competitor’s marketing strategy, PR and media coverage, financial disclosures and other reference sources, Applause’s research experts will deliver a comprehensive report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of the existing marketplace, including market share and relative competitive positioning.

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Getting started with Applause Research Solutions is more affordable than you may think. Contact Us to discover how Applause can help you get started, today.

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“In the early stages, we concentrated our manual QA on the new stuff in the next release. Timeline pressures impacted regression coverage, so we had to make decisions about what areas to test. Working with Applause, we stopped making those tradeoff decisions. We cover everything with Applause.”

- Oren Geva,
Director of R&D Operations, WatchDox by Blackberry

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