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QA can be hard, but we can help.

Applause’s real-world testing methodology offers capabilities that traditional QA can’t match. We don’t aim to replace in-house QA, but rather enhance your efforts through our global, on-demand community of QA experts – whenever, and wherever you need us.

Here’s how you’ll win:

- Leverage a global workforce of vetted software professionals. They test on their own devices and specialize in your industry.

- On-demand testing. 24/7/365 availability provides unmatched scalability and time-to-results.

- Match your target customer. Run tests with demographics of your choosing, no matter the device, language or location.

Are you ready to make your move? Find out how Applause’s real-world testing can fit seamlessly into your SDLC and improve your digital quality.

Testing at the Speed of Life

Applause is leading the digital quality revolution by enabling brands to quickly deliver engaging software that works flawlessly in the real world, from web to mobile and beyond.

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