Global payment testing like none other.

E-Commerce sites. In-app purchases. Point of sale. Mobile wallets. The world of payments is complex and consumer expectations are high.

Applause lets you tap into worldwide network of software experts, real people with real-world payment instruments that let you validate that every transaction, in any country, is successful.

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Payment Benefits



Expand your payment testing reach across geographies, currencies, payment instruments, and PoS devices



Don’t let payment testing get in the way of launching new markets and platforms



Improve your customer’s experience, increase engagement, and see more transactions on your platform



Pass validity tests for all transaction types, in pre- and post- production, for legal and accounting/finance


Digital Commerce Platforms

Is testing payment instruments a bottleneck in your time-to-market?

As digital commerce companies look to expand their reach and market share, the complexity of payment testing quickly becomes overwhelming. Partner with Applause for an ongoing and dynamic solution to proactively test payment processing and:

  • Launch with Confidence into new markets, knowing your platforms successfully accept regionally relevant payment instruments
  • Minimize negative impact to time-to-market through the Flexibility and Scalability of Applause payment transaction validation capabilities
  • Improve Customer Experience by ensuring every aspect of the payment transaction across the various payment scenarios of the shopping experience is successful, thereby minimizing shopping cart abandonment and payment failures

Digital Wallets

Does your inability to test in remote regions affect the expansion of your digital wallet’s availability?

Launching a digital wallet offering successfully can increase the number of customer transactions made through your platform; however, delivering a high quality digital wallet app with consumer appeal is complicated and gets increasingly difficult over time. With Applause you can:

  • Capture the Coveted Top of Mind spot with your customers, becoming the go-to instrument for payment transactions
  • Keep Merchants’ PoS Active and accepting your digital wallet through ongoing regression testing
  • Run both Payment and Functional Tests through one solution, scaling as needed to stay competitive in the market

We learned a lot about user flow ... especially when it came to making changes to a purchase at different stages."

Zach Kof COO, Shake Shack

Payment Transaction Validation

Based on your testing requirements and criteria Applause conducts tests on your behalf for:

  • Transaction Validation
  • eCommerce Testing
  • In-app purchases
  • Mobile wallet
  • Mobile checkout
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