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Creating a great purchase experience for your customers begins with understanding how they already pay for items in their everyday lives. Whether you’re launching a digital wallet or entering a market on the other side of the globe, the best way to launch with confidence is to have comprehensive insights into what users expect and value in a payments process.

Applause specializes in helping companies research and understand the landscape surrounding new payment instruments and processes in markets worldwide. We can help you determine exactly what external factors could impact your success.

What We Offer

Testers Line Up To Pay With Phones

Crowdsourced Feedback

Learn what works – and what doesn’t – directly from people who live, work and play in any new market you wish to enter. Whether you are concerned about a new region or a new technology, our research experts can access the right community for feedback so you can better understand the regionally favored payment instruments, as well as market trends, government restrictions, digital wallets and other external factors that could impact the success of your payment process.

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Expert Analysis

Applause works with research experts who will work with you to find the best results, and translate those results into easy-to-digest and actionable feedback. With years of expertise in analyzing market trends and behavioral patterns, we custom-create in-market field studies specifically tailored to your new initiative.

Market Researchers Analyze Trends
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Competitive Benchmarks

Before entering a new market, it is important to understand where you stand in the competitive landscape. Understand where your competitors succeed – and fail – to gain your competitive edge. Applause will provide you with a full report that takes into account the user sentiment surrounding your competitors and arm you with the relevant information you need to pass them by.

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Applause offers a full range of services around our expert payment practice. Learn more about our Payment Validation solution to get end-to-end insights for your digital payment experience.

What You Get


Access to A Global Network

The Applause global community accesses millions of users in over 200 countries and territories around the world, so you can tailor your team by virtually any payment instrument, device or geography. Take advantage of insider knowledge of the market you are looking to enter to set your company up for success.

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External Success Criteria

When timing means revenue, getting the information you need to make important fixes and decisions is vital. You can monitor issues as they are reported in real time, assessing their severity and potential risk to your business.

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Detailed Reports

Learn what works – and what doesn’t – and get a full picture of the local market. Applause’s expert research teams will provide a landscape of existing products and technologies, as well as orient you to relevant government regulations, so that your product plans and designs properly account for all possible scenarios.


Accelerate Go-To-Market

Applause helps brands accelerate go-to-market payment strategies, particularly in international markets, across all customer touchpoints. This results in reduced risk and an improved customer experience, all of which points to increased conversion and, more importantly, customer retention.

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Getting started with Applause’s Payment Research solutions are more affordable than you may think. Contact us to discover how Applause can help you get started, today.

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“If we did not have Applause, I think we would be setting up QA sites in multiple regions of the world to try to do more localized testing, which would be very costly.”

- Gary Soule,
Director of Engineering Quality Assurance, Starbucks

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