Applause Partner Program

Applause partners with some of the world’s leading companies – whether it’s to expand our global footprint through the Applause Referral Program or to deliver enhanced digital quality capabilities through our Technical Partnerships. Applause enables you to expand your offering and win new business - putting you at the forefront of digital innovation.

Attract New Clients

Never turn down another deal due to tester, device, skill or geographic coverage. Our in-the-wild testing services, along with developer and product tools, enable you to expand your offering to attract new clients.

Scale Your Business

Peak demand is great for top line, but not at the expense of employee burn out. Scale effectively by enabling employees to focus on client-facing items while offloading specific testing activities to Applause.

Expand Wallet Share

Deliver greater value to clients by complementing your services with Applause’s testing solutions. Our testing services and mobile tools enable you to drive higher customer satisfaction and greater upsell opportunities.

Become a Referral Partner