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Using the Crowd to Fill the Testing Gaps

myMDband’s mission is to “empower the patient to access and manage ones medical records.” It’s a web-based service that gives patients and their health care providers instant access to medical records from anywhere in the world.

When dealing with personal medical information, privacy and security become more important than ever. Elly Gorodetzer, CEO myMDband, knew that the company had to pay close attention to quality assurance. Being a startup, Gorodetzer and a small group of employees were doing their best to test the product. But Gorodetzer knew they couldn’t cover every aspect of the web matrix.

“Since our application is web based it has to function across a broad variety of browsers and screen sizes,” he said. “It was impossible for me to test based on that criteria solely with in-house resources.”

myMDband had limited man-power, no in-house bug tracking system and no official, efficient way to reproduce bugs for developers. Gorodetzer knew that if the company intended to launch internationally (they plan to support 10+ languages in the coming months) he’d need professional QA help – and fast. He turned to crowdsourced testing to help fill the gaps.

"Applause found many bugs that we could never have revealed with our own resources and knowledge. There is no doubt that our application is now much more secure, bug free and stable."
-- Elly Gorodetzer, CEO myMDband

Working with Applause

Like all Applause customers, myMDband got a dedicated Project Manager to guide them through the process, help define test parameters, choose a testing team and make sure their overall Applause experience met expectations and ran smoothly. The project manager was also available to answer questions Gorodetzer or his team had about the Applause platform, which Gorodetzer describes as “very easy to use.”

In addition, myMDband had a Test Team Lead – a member of the Applause community who helps run test cycles, answers tester questions and reviews submitted bugs. Gorodetzer was particularly pleased with the dedication of his test team lead.

“Our TTL was excellent,” he said. “He learned the application and requirements and was able to convey our needs to the testers.”

As a scalable QA option, Applause gave myMDband the chance to ramp up testing before launch. Applause's global community of testers meant the perfect team of testers could be found to fit all of myMDband’s needs, whether they be functional, security testing or testers with a knowledge of data security.

The Results

Gorodetzer was pleased with his crowdsourced testing experience and the quality of Applause's work.

“There is no way we could have performed alone the amount and quality of QA performed by Applause,” Gorodetzer said. “Applause definitely gave us full value for our money. When handling medical information, security breaches cannot be tolerated. Applause testers revealed several such issues.”

Working with Applause also helped the myMDband team improve their skills and confidence. Some bugs reported during test cycles resulted in a, “Wow, how did they find that!?” response from the team. Positive tester feedback about the product concept “boosted employee moral” Gorodetzer said.

Ultimately, working with Applause made Gorodetzer feel more confident that customers will receive a functional, secure, high-quality product. Addressing these issues before launch will save both brand reputation and money down the line.

"If we would have launched without the Applause QA, we would probably have ruined our business. We would have destroyed our chance of a first good impression. We would have had to increase our customer support team in order to handle the calls of unsatisfied customers."
-- Elly Gorodetzer, CEO myMDband